Kim Kardashian hilariously dodges Lana Del Rey’s Met Gala dress

Kim Kardashian had to steer clear of Lana Del Rey to avoid a collision at the Met Gala.

On Monday 6 May, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City was filled with musicians, influencers, celebrities, and fashion designers to showcase the theme “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” in honour of The Costume Institute’s spring 2024 exhibit. Attendees were instructed to follow the dress code “The Garden of Time.”

In addition to showcasing their designer outfits on the green and white carpet, the celebrities were also pulled together for interviews, with one consisting of Kardashian, Del Rey, and LaLa Anthony.

For the event, Kardashian was seen wearing a silver custom Margiela by John Galliano gown with a skirt covered in metal lace adorned with leaves and flowers with a grey cardigan thrown over top.

Del Rey modelled her outfit after another piece from Alexander McQueen, a fashion house showcased in the new exhibit, designed by Sean McGirr.

She wore a nude gown covered in branches from head to toe, including a large headpiece that also featured a nude tulle drape that covered the branches.

With Del Rey and Kardashian standing next to each other, both on the carpet and during their interview with Vogue, many people took to social media to joke about the number of times Kardashian had to swerve to avoid being hit with Del Rey’s headpiece.

One person made a TikTok compilation called, “Kim Kardashian trying to avoid getting hit by Lana’s outfit for two minutes straight.” The clip was viewed more than two million times, with many people commenting about how funny they thought the interactions were.

“THE HEAD TURN EVERY TIME KILLS ME,” one comment read.

“The agility though,” another commenter agreed.

People on X, formerly known as Twitter, also expressed their amusement at the situation with Kardashian and Del Rey’s veil.

“I bet Kim was humbled when she got hit with the veil a couple times,” one X user wrote.

Another user agreed, writing: “If Lana hits Kim with that headpiece one more time.”

Despite the laughs viewers got from the Skims founder’s swerving to avoid getting hit, many people were more focused on why exactly she decided to cover up the top of her dress with a shrug.

During the red carpet, many people took to X to tell the reality star to “take the cardigan off,” as many claimed the casual cardigan did not go with her gown.

“Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look looks like she knows her outfit will get her dress coded at school so she throws a cardigan over it and tempts fate by trying to take it off without someone noticing,” one user wrote on the platform.

Other commenters assumed she was using the cardigan to cover up a wardrobe malfunction, writing, “Listen y’all, I don’t think that cover was part of the initial plan. Something probably happened to the dress, and they had to cover it up, hence the cardigan or whatever was used as a cover-up.”

Speaking toVogue, Kardashian claimed the cardigan was part of her look from the beginning, saying that the outfit was supposed to represent “the wildest night of my life in a garden” where she just ran out and grabbed her “boyfriend’s sweater and threw it on and had to get to work And my hair’s all messed up”.