Kim Kardashian Just Showed Her Natural Skin Texture In A New No-Makeup Instagram

kim kardashian pores
Kim K Shares a Glimmer of Normality With This PicSteve Granitz - Getty Images
  • Kim Kardashian showed off her natural skin texture in a no-makeup Instragram.

  • The reality TV star shared the photo to promote her skincare brand, SKKN by Kim.

  • Kim's pic proves that celebrities are, indeed, just like us—they have pores, too.

Just like Regina George, "My pores are huge." And I have spent the last however many years with blurring setting powders, texture refining primers and beauty products alike trying to minimize the look of my pores. But today, I'm embracing them and that's all thanks to Kim Kardashian and her latest selfie; who'd have thought?

The multi-hyphenate beauty mogul took to her Instagram page just short of 24 hours ago, sharing a five-part carousel post. In the pics, Kim is promoting her very own skincare brand, SKKN by Kim and is donning an au naturel makeup-free look. As such, fans are given an up-close peek at her natural skin texture–pores 'n' all– and I couldn't applaud her more if I tried.

Check out her bare-faced look in the IG post below:

Clearly, Kim's complexion is flawless; there's not a blemish, dark circle or red mark in sight (SKKN products come through). But what she's not afraid to show off and normalize are her pores. And as someone who has tried to hide hers for years, I couldn't be more appreciative.

Say it with me now: Pores are NATURAL!

Now, having said that, I'm not turning a blind eye to the possibility of these images being retouched. I mean, celebrities (including the Kardashian-Jenner clan) have often been called out for 'photoshopping errors', not to mention tweakments, cosmetic surgeries, and having access to the very best beauty products one can get their hands on.

But right here, right now, flaunting what I'm taking to be her natural texture is a step in the right direction in normalizing the realness of human skin. So, snaps for Kim, please!

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