Kim Kardashian Posted Her Cybertruck, and the People Are Rioting in the Comments

Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images

No one has ever accused Kim Kardashian of being overly in touch with the common folk, but her March 4 Instagram grid post sparked a particularly loud backlash, even for her. The reality star uploaded a picture of her private jet parked right behind her Tesla Cybertruck, which retails for up to $96,390, with only emoji of an alien and a purple alien monster in the caption. But this ostentatious display of wealth—which is, after all, kind of the Kardashians' whole thing—didn't go over as well as she probably had planned.

Quoting an iconic line from Kim's own sister Kourtney, one commenter wrote, “There’s people dying, Kim.” Another person commented, “Yes, while our economy is in the shit hole, let’s brag about our riches.” Another IG user, referencing the environmental impact of private jets, wrote, “& we think paper straws will save the world 😂.” Others called Kardashian “tasteless,” “vulgar,” and “cringe” for the post. She did have at least one defender in the comments, who wrote, “Kim, you're wealthy. You earned it. Go live your life.” But the majority of the reactions were distinctly negative.

Not that this is anything new for Kim K. In October she was slammed for her over-the-top Halloween decorations, which were called a “sick display of wealth,” and demonstrated that she is “so out of touch with reality.” In August, after she posted about getting a Prenuvo full-body scan, she was similarly blasted because of the astronomical cost of such a procedure. “Love a billionaire recommending preventative care that is totally inaccessible to 98% of your fan base, total vibe,” reads one comment. And recall that this is the same woman who's advice to the world's non-PJ-havers was simply “Get your fucking ass up and work.”

But like, if Kim Kardashian wasn't flaunting her enormous wealth on social media, who would Kim Kardashian even be?

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