Kim Kardashian's Beauty Routine Costs $103,534

It is a rite of passage now: Become a global beauty icon, have your grooming routine analyzed down to the last cent you spend on pedicures. Sure, it's a little silly to investigate a celebrity's annual beauty budget, but so are the pricey treatments they use to stay so flawless.

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First there was Jennifer Aniston's alleged $141,037 beauty routine, which included $450 facials, $920 haircuts, and $900 weekly yoga sessions.

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Of course, only royalty could top that kind of luxe grooming, right? Actually, Kate Middleton's primping treatments are only (ha, only!) estimated at around $37,728. Her routine includes $250 bee-venom facials and $60 manicures.

Now, "The Daily Mail" has published an estimate for reality TV princess Kim Kardashian, who reportedly spends a whopping $103, 534 a year on looking that good.

Her 24-carat gold facials cost $800 a pop; she also gets $110 tequila body scrubs and drops $500 on hairstyling sessions to keep those brunette extensions perfectly coiffed. Then there are her laser treatments, daily massages, workouts with celebrity trainer Gunner Peterson, permanent eyelash extensions … we won't bore you with the rest of the "is-that-really-necessary?" details.

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But here's the real question: Which celebrity is going to have their beauty routine broken down next? And more importantly, who do you think racks up the biggest number on her Amex Black Card?

I'm going with Madonna. You?

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