King Charles Totally Loses His Cool With Queen Camilla In a Moment Body Language Expert Says “Lowers Her Status”

 King Charles and Queen Camilla in Wrexham.
King Charles and Queen Camilla in Wrexham.

Make no mistake—King Charles loves his wife, Queen Camilla. But also make no mistake about this: Charles has a fiery temper, which sneaks out sometimes (two words from the earliest days of his reign: fountain pen). That temper spilled over to the Queen in a moment The Daily Express reports Charles “completely lost his cool” with Camilla.

It all went down in Wales, when Charles and Camilla were on a walkabout during their visit to Wrexham; while there, they greeted members of the public in the city center. At one point, Charles was caught on camera looking frustrated and asking aides to get Camilla back, as she was still talking to well-wishers. The King can be heard saying “Can we try and get her back again? Please. We need to go. I was trying to wait for her, but she goes on.”

Body language expert Judi James told The Daily Express that the moment is “proving he is still on a short fuse but taking it out on his wife this time rather than a pen,” she said. “Charles displays not just a bad temper but also disloyalty here. Calling his wife ‘she’ and referring to the fact that he has an ongoing gripe with Camilla when he says, ‘but she goes on,’ throwing his arms out to show exasperation. There are no signs of good humor here, just a man pleading to his entourage to get him out of his situation and onto his next booking.”

Royal followers were more empathetic towards the King, with many branding Charles and Camilla a “typical married couple.” One social media user added “Kings…at the end of the day, they’re just like every other husband.” Another user added “This is my husband, daily” and yet another added that Charles was like “every single man when out and about with their spouse/partner there…”

But James was a bit less forgiving: “I know people are creating empathetic links by saying this is a common theme between husbands and wives, and that it makes Charles seem more human, but his wife is the new Queen, and he is making a very public scene about her that lowers her status,” she said.