King penguin at NY zoo has hurt foot — so Broadway costume designer makes custom boot

This boot is made for waddlin’ — and that’s just what Will the Central Park Zoo king penguin will do.

The 15-year-old penguin recently hurt his foot, and the injury caused him discomfort when he walked, officials at the zoo said April 19 on Facebook.

Topical treatments weren’t helping, and the zoo veterinarian suggested a custom boot that would fit over his webbed foot to protect it and ease his discomfort as it heals.

In a plot development that could only happen in New York, a seasonal associate at the zoo — who is also trained in theater costume design on Broadway — stepped in to help.

“Amy helped fabricate and sew a boot for Will,” officials said. “It was challenging to find the right design and fit that could be held in place, provide comfort, AND be waterproof, but Amy was able to find the winning combo after trying several prototypes.”

Photos show Amy sewing the boot, keepers fitting it over the penguin’s foot and then the penguin wearing it in his enclosure. The little custom boot vastly improved his mobility and the healing process, zoo keepers said.

“Who knew costume design and animal care could go together so seamlessly?” zoo officials said.

People in the Facebook comments section agreed.

“Only in NY!” someone said, adding a heart and a penguin emoji.

“I bet that boot makes him feel like the snazziest penguin in the flock!” another person said.

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