Your Kitchen Utensil Crock Is The Ideal DIY Wine Chiller

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Among the many steps to follow for a stress-free dinner party, having chilled drinks for your friends and family is a must. While you can always store your favorite wine varieties in your refrigerator before guests arrive, procuring an easy, eye-appealing way to serve chilled glasses of rosé to your guests makes all the difference. Luckily, you already have a kitchen-specific container that serves as the perfect DIY wine chiller.

If you keep your kitchen utensils neatly displayed on your countertop, there's a decent chance they're housed in a deep vessel with simplistic structure and style. Utensil crocks are generally neutral in color. They tout modern appeal since they're made from various materials, including ceramic and stainless steel.

Instead of spending money on a specialized wine cooler, why not improvise with your utensil crock? Kitchen crocks are an easy-to-use alternative since most have high walls perfect for keeping your wine submerged in icy water until you're ready to serve. These solid containers are also useful since they're generally small enough to fit on your dinner table without taking up too much space. With a small amount of preparation, transforming your utensil crock into a tabletop wine chiller is easy and effective.

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How To Turn Your Utensil Crock Into An Easy-To-Use Wine Cooler

Kitchen utensils in star-covered crock
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Whether choosing the right bottles for an upcoming Spring feast or the best types of wine for your summer barbecue, utilizing your kitchen utensil crock works like a charm. Start cooling your wine as early as possible by placing select bottles in the back of your refrigerator until ready to use. Since utensil crocks typically house only one bottle of wine at a time, allotting space in your refrigerator for residual bottles is essential.

Empty your utensil crock and wash out any dust or residue from the interior. Store utensils in an easy-to-reach drawer, or house a select few in a wide-mouth quart jar or flower vase if you need some near your stove for cooking. Whether you're dining outside or in, when you're ready to serve, add a bit of ice and water to the base of your crock, followed by your chilled wine of choice, covering the remainder with ice and water. If you're dining outdoors in particularly warm weather, use the salt water hack for keeping drinks ice cold on the go. Dissolve a decent amount of table salt in water before adding the ice and wine to your crock. Salt has a low freezing point which will keep your bottle of wine extra cold. Be sure to have a cloth napkin near your crock for wiping down icy bottles every time you pour.

Other Factors To Keep In Mind When Turning Your Utensil Crock Into A Handy Wine Cooler

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While you don't necessarily have your pick of utensil crocks, certain materials work better to maintain a chilled bottle of wine than others. Aim to use stainless steel, ceramic, or cement cylindrical containers with insulating properties. You can even purchase products advertised as both utensil crocks and wine chillers. Avoid bamboo crocks since water may cause the internal fibers of your crock to splinter and break apart.

Beyond having the right type of crock, these tabletop basins only hold one bottle of wine at a time. If you don't have ample room in your refrigerator to hold multiple bottles, use a large metal basin or plastic bin filled with salt water and ice. This is a simple and effective way to store excess bottles, especially if you're hosting a potluck or gathering outdoors. You can also use a large insulated plastic cooler for a last-minute alternative. Just make sure to have plenty of ice handy for replenishing.

If you're looking for a more creative way to keep your drink cold after it's been poured, use the clever hack to chill wine without watering it down. Use colorful frozen fruit or freeze your favorite wine into ice cubes. Yet, your trusted utensil crock works perfectly for the easiest, most visually appealing solution for keeping your next bottle of wine chilled directly on your dinner table.

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