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Knife nicks, no more: These No. 1 bestselling, cut-resistant gloves are just $13 for Amazon's Memorial Day Sale

'Great for butterfingers!' joked one of 29,000 (and counting) five-star fans.

Cooking is fun, but it comes with risks. Even if you own the best knives on the market, one minute you can be chopping vegetables, and the next you're on your way to the hospital, hoping to preserve your fingertip after a mincing mishap. With these No. 1 bestselling NoCry Cut-Resistant Gloves, you can spare your hands from cuts, nicks and potentially more serious injuries. They're on sale at Amazon (gotta love an early Memorial Day deal) so you can grab a pair before your next meal-prep sesh and slice with confidence.

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NoCry(ing) over slippery knives with these machine-washable, food-safe gloves.

$13 at Amazon

We'd much rather pay $13 for these gloves than shell out for an expensive hospital visit, and you can't put a price on safety and peace of mind. That said, even the original price is extremely reasonable — but we'll take a discount whenever we can get one!

According to the brand, NoCry Cut-Resistant Gloves are four times stronger than leather and 10 times stronger than steel, meaning it would take quite a lot to pierce them. They come in five sizes to ensure a comfortable fit that won't get in the way of your slicing and dicing.

These gloves are not only ideal for wearing while you're chopping veggies and other food; they also come in handy while you're shucking oysters, grating cheese, using a mandolin (the bane of every cook's existence) or even doing a little woodworking. And since they're machine-washable and come with a limited lifetime warranty, they'll protect your hands for years to come.

hands wearing the cut-resistant gloves while slicing meat
We won't mince words: These gloves are a cut above. (Amazon)

More than 29,000 Amazon customers (and counting) say NoCry Cut-Resistant Gloves are a trusted companion for preventing kitchen misadventures.

"Great for butterfingers!" joked one shopper. "I always get accidental cuts while cutting fruit. So when I finally got these, I was quite excited to test [them] out because it didn't make sense to me how a glove could protect my fingers from a sharp knife. But let me tell you, it sure did! I was cutting an apple and my knife slipped onto my finger and the glove completely stopped it from piercing me. I still felt the knife hit my finger, but it was well-protected and no blood was shed."

"They work, they fit, they're comfortable, easy to wash and are just a great product," raved another. "If you suffer from any type of physical disability that affects the use of your hands, such as arthritis or carpal tunnel, or even if you are just generally clumsy with sharp cutting tools, these gloves will save you a lot of trips to the medicine cabinet."

They're not just for cooking, either. Said a third impressed user: "Started wood carving for fun and bought these for protection. I was skeptical because they look just like basic gloves, but I was proven wrong. Today I almost sliced my finger open when my hand slipped with the knife — the tip of the knife ran hard along my finger ... luckily, I was wearing [the] gloves and to my surprise, the gloves were not even damaged, and neither was my finger!"

One note several users shared? "They are prone to staining," admitted one otherwise pleased reviewer, "but that’s not a big deal because I'm not wearing them for fashion."

"Works great to protect fingers while cutting veggies," wrote a final fan. "The only small issue is that when the glove gets wet from the veggie that's being cut, it's a bit difficult to hold onto the veggie. So the glove needs to be dried a bit with a paper towel from time to time in order to continue slicing."

Just think of all the headaches (hand aches?) these nifty gloves could save you. 

$13 at Amazon

Need some sharp new knives? This No. 1 bestselling Henckels 15-Piece Knife Set is over 60% off and super popular among Yahoo readers.

Over 12,000 Amazon reviewers have given this sturdy knife set their five-star seal of approval. The set comes with a chef's knife, bread knife, santoku knife, serrated utility knife, paring knife and six steak knives. Plus, you'll also get a sharpening steel, a pair of kitchen shears and a wooden block to store everything in.

"Finally sharp (and safe) knives," said one happy home cook. "I have been used to ordinary knives until my brother, who is a chef, convinced me to upgrade to Henckels. I must admit I was a bit nervous at first, worrying about cutting myself, but the grip on these knives keeps my hands from slipping. They are extremely sharp and do a great job in the kitchen."

Save $222 with coupon
$123 at Amazon

And if your old knives just need a little refresh, this can help:

Never have a dull moment in the kitchen again, thanks to this No. 1 bestselling knife sharpener. Equipped with three slots for sharpening, repairing, straightening and polishing, it'll take your old blades from obsolete to like-new in just a few swipes. 

One satisfied buyer shared: "I've had my poor chef knife in a drawer, and over the last year it's gotten dull and has a small dent on the blade. I just got this sharpener and used the three steps. And I've gotta say, I'm impressed. I managed to cut through paper after doing the three-step sharpening. It's like the knife is brand new."

$10 at Amazon

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