What You Need To Know Before Buying Avocados At Costco

Shopping for avocados in Costco
Shopping for avocados in Costco - Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

When it comes to bulk groceries, Costco is an ideal place to stock up on the essentials your household uses every day. However, some members are voicing concerns that not all of the store's products are worth buying. Over on Reddit, one shopper shared an image of some truly disastrous avocados, with the caption, "It's like getting coal for Christmas." Years ago, Costco was lauded for its long-lasting avocados, which resulted from a special process that helped preserve them for double the amount of time as untreated varieties. According to shoppers, this good fortune is a thing of the past.

"I have had terrible luck with the Costco avocados and refuse to buy them," lamented one person, "They seem to go from rock hard to completely moldy with no stage in between." Other commenters shared this sentiment, and some even questioned the quality of Costco's overall fruit and vegetable selection. As one Redditor succinctly put it, "Costco produce sucks."

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Does Costco Have A Produce Problem?

Shopping for produce at Costco
Shopping for produce at Costco - Bloomberg/Getty Images

Buying fruit and vegetables in bulk might be convenient, but this convenience can come at the expense of quality. For instance, there are certain types of produce on sale at Costco that are notorious for disappointing the warehouse retail chain's members. Sizable bags of lettuce and other greens may seem like a bargain to shoppers, but consider that they will likely go bad well before they're used up unless you're feeding a particularly large household. Berries are also problematic, as they have a relatively short shelf life and can sustain damage while being transported.

Some Costco shoppers on Reddit have theories on why the chain's produce, from avocados to bananas, leaves a lot to be desired. Some have speculated that the temperature inside the trucks that bring produce to the store could be to blame. "I think the produce is shipped here in trucks that are too cold," explained one commenter, stating that bananas go "from underripe to rotten" with no period of ripeness between. Another person claiming to have been employed in the avocado industry backs up this theory, stating that ultra-low temps can affect quality.

How To Select And Store High-Quality Avocados

Whole avocados on cutting board
Whole avocados on cutting board - Marko Jan/Getty Images

If you do decide to take your chances and purchase avocados at Costco, there are certain qualities to look for. If you want to preserve your avocados for upcoming meals, choose firm, green avocados with smooth exteriors. In this case, the avocado should keep for about four days, at which point it will be ripe. If you're seeking something for today's meal, select an avocado that's greenish black in color and gives slightly when a small amount of pressure is applied.

After picking the very best avocados the bulk retailer has to offer, the right storage technique is key to keeping them in great shape. When it comes to whole, unripe fruit, you can leave it in room temperature conditions until it shows signs of ripeness, at which point it should be placed in a container and stored in the refrigerator. Additionally, keep the avocado away from produce like potatoes, apples, and tomatoes, as they generate ethylene, which is a gas that accelerates the ripening process. With any luck, your next Costco run will net some quality avocados.

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