Kourtney Claps Back at Trolls Over Postpartum swimsuit Photo

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Kourtney Claps Back at Trolls Over Postpartum PicCourtesy of Instagram/@kourtneykardashian

Kourtney Kardashian celebrated turning 45 this week and as is custom for the Kardashian-Jenner clan, her younger sister, Kim, posted a sweet shout out on Instagram–including a photo of herself, Kourtney and Khloé together on a recent vacation. It's a fun picture of the three sisters posing in swimsuits in the ocean and it looks like they're having an amazing time.

Sadly, however, some social media users accused Kim of 'doing Kourtney dirty' with her choice of picture, implying that Kourt–who is five months postpartum after welcoming her son, Rocky, into the world–wouldn't be happy with her body in it.

Kim opted for the caption: "Happy Birthday Queen @kourtneykardash There’s no one on this planet that I have spent more time with and have all of the same memories with growing up than you and I cherish them all."

She added that "sharing a room and friends and cars and our lives together for four decades has been the most magical journey to have you by my side. I love you and I can’t wait for another 45 years together! I will especially cherish this last sister trip where all of our kids had dance parties til they passed out, the way we all did growing up!"

Unfortunately, comments under the post ranged from "Tell me Kim and Kourtney are feuding without telling me Kim and Kourtney are feuding" to "now you know she's not going to like this photo lol... it's her birthday Kim".

In response to the latter, Kourtney (who has always been super candid about her pregnancy and postpartum journeys) decided to hop into the comments herself and clear up any confusion, explaining that actually, she is a fan of the photo Kim chose and that it holds many special memories for her. Oh, and she's a-okay with her post-pregnancy figure too, thanks v much.

"I LOVE this photo! It is me and my sisters having the best time on a trip with our kids... and the memories to last forever," she replied to one social media user. "And I LOVE this body that gave me my three babies and my little boy."

There were also plenty of fans who praised the photo, pointing out how great Kourtney looks and how refreshing it is to see a postpartum body like hers in the public domain, in an age of editing apps and Photoshopping.

"I think Kourtney looks absolutely gorgeous yay for her looking real!!" said one, while another added "Can we talk about how good Kourtney looks tho!!! 4 kids later and naturally showing it off".

Kourt herself also wrote a sweet response to Kim, saying: "This caption 🥺❤️ I love you sooooo and so grateful for all of the incredible memories we have together… when I think it, it’s like a movie plays in my head of all of them! So blessed! ❤️🙏🏼".

Keep shining, Kourtney! We love to see it.

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