Krispy Kreme Is Giving Away Dozens Of Donuts For World Kindness Day

Krispy Kreme box of donuts
Krispy Kreme box of donuts - Krispy Kreme

To celebrate World Kindness Day on November 13, Krispy Kreme will be giving out free donuts to customers. According to a press release, the first 500 guests to visit participating locations on the day of kindness will receive a free dozen of the chain's classic glazed donuts. No other purchase will be required to redeem the deal.

Dave Skena, Global Chief Brand Officer for Krispy Kreme, said in the release, "We hope a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts — one doughnut for you and many to share with others — will inspire millions of small acts of kindness." Those who receive a free dozen could choose to share the sweets with family, friends, coworkers, or even strangers in the spirit of kindness.

The special offer is only valid on November 13 at participating United States locations. The donut shop has locations in over 30 countries worldwide, and the company indicated that many of these locations will also celebrate World Kindness Day with special offers.

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Giving Donuts To Share Kindness

Krispy Kreme glazed donuts
Krispy Kreme glazed donuts - Pong Stocker/Shutterstock

World Kindness Day has been acknowledged annually since 1998. The goal is to get people thinking about others and practicing empathy through small acts of kindness — like giving out freshly fried, perfectly warm Krispy Kreme donuts. "World Kindness Day is an opportunity to make a positive difference by being generous," Skena said in the press release.

If you're looking to celebrate World Kindness Day and spread some love, Krispy Kreme's offering may just make that task a little easier. While sharing a free donut may seem like a small gesture, the sweet treat could well be a bright spot in someone's day.

In addition to acknowledging World Kindness Day, the chain has previously given out free donuts in other acts of kindness. From March to May 2020, Krispy Kreme offered unlimited free glazed donuts to healthcare workers on Mondays. The chain has also helped sweeten the sting of buying a losing lottery ticket. Anyone with a losing lottery ticket could cash it in for a free glazed donut following the July 2023 Mega Millions lottery drawing.

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