Kristen Bell reveals what makes her decade-long marriage with Dax Shepard work

Kristen Bell has spoken candidly about how she’s made her marriage with Dax Shepard work after all these years.

The Good Place star recently shared some pointers on maintaining a healthy relationship, long after tying the knot. Bell, 43, married the Hit and Run actor in 2013, nearly six years into their relationship. The Hollywood couple will celebrate 10 years of marriage in October this year.

In an interview with ET Online, Bell hinted at how important it was for a couple to have “common goals”. For the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star, she found that working with Shepard can be enjoyable, despite the stigma of them both being in the entertainment industry.

“Common goals, seek them out. Our kids are a common goal, right?” she told the outlet. “People are like: ‘Oh, I wouldn’t be able to work with my husband or wife or partner.’ For me, I want another common goal with him.”

“I respect him so much creatively. I have so much trust in him. Of course, I want him to be my director or my scene partner,” Bell continued.

The mother of two added that having a shared respect for one another is also necessary in a relationship. Bell explained how she tends to approach hostile situations or disagreements with care, compassion, and empathy.

“Understanding that your partner used to be a little person is the best thing you can do. Sometimes if we’re ever on the verge of a fight, one of us will say - it’s usually Dax: ‘I feel like eight-year-old Dax right now,’” she noted. “And I’m able to see him like I see my kids, which is in a very different way and go: ‘Oh yeah, you’re a little person that had trauma and triggers and it’s not about me.’”

Bell explained how the goal in these instances is to keep the present relationship at the forefront of the mind, by asking how to change attitudes and perspectives to benefit both partners.

She added: “If I could change my behaviour in a way that benefits our relationship, why wouldn’t I do that?”

Nevertheless, the Hollywood actor isn’t too pressed about hitting the 10-year mark with her partner. “It’s 10 years? I can’t be bothered with the anniversary,” she told the outlet, before expressing more anticipation for Halloween.

In an Instagram post shared on 12 September, Bell revealed her plan for the spooky holiday. The Gossip Girl alum, along with Shepard and their two daughters – Lincoln, nine, and Delta, eight – will collectively dress up as the cast of Harry Potter.

In the video posted to her Instagram, Shepard appeared in a long sleeveless robe to assume the character of Professor Dumbledore. Rather than staying true to the personality of the headmaster, as crafted by author JK Rowling, the actor added his own spin by turning Dumbledore into a pro wrestler.

During her interview with ET Online, Bell joked: “I attempted to have him try on Dumbledore and he immediately made Dumbledore into a pro wrestler. We’re all going to be Harry Potter characters and all of our friends. And we’re going to do deep cut, ancillary characters.”

Bell revealed that she plans on dressing as Professor Umbridge, the nefarious teacher who attempts to take over Hogwarts.