Kristin Chenoweth “Loves” Using This $10 Oil on Her Laugh Lines and Crow’s Feet

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Shoppers say it makes a “huge difference.”

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A classic is a classic for a reason. Take Bio-Oil’s Skincare Oil; it’s been around for decades and not only has it maintained its fanbase, it’s arguably grown it, too. There’s a new generation of Gen Z TikTokers and celebrities professing their love for the product, including Kristin Chenoweth. The actress and Broadway legend previously told Prevention that she “loves” the Skincare Oil and it’s currently on sale for just $10 ahead of Amazon’s October Prime Day, known as Prime Big Deal Days.

Amazon’s October Prime Day is officially called Big Deals Day and is happening on October 10 and 11. But as evidenced by the 26 percent discount on Bio-Oil’s Skincare Oil, the deals are already underway. Chenoweth said she sees “huge” benefits with “consistent” use, specifically on the wrinkles around her eyes and her laugh lines.





Although many people think of this as a body oil, it’s actually multi-use and perfectly suitable for the face, too, thanks to a formula packed with antioxidant, hydrating, and anti-inflammatory ingredients. These key plant oils and extracts include chamomile, calendula, rosemary, and vitamin E.

Bio-Oil’s Skincare Oil has 80,000-plus five-star ratings on Amazon combined (across its two sizes). After reading hundreds, possibly thousands of reviews, it’s definitely an all-use multi-tasking product, at least according to shoppers.

A shopper with “very low expectations,” said that this $10 oil has “softened a surgical scar, lessened the appearance of a couple of deep wrinkles, and lessened the appearance of discoloration following a cut.”

A 32-year-old shopper said that not only has this made a “huge difference” on their stretch marks and scars, but that Bio-Oil’s Skincare Oil is also “working” on their “pretty dark [under eye] circles,” too.

Head to Amazon to shop the Kristin Chenoweth-used Bio-Oil Skincare Oil while it’s on sale for just $10. (P.S. check out the Natural version of the Skincare Oil if you want 100 percent natural ingredients.)




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