Kristin Juszczyk receives NFL licencing deal after making Taylor Swift’s viral Chiefs coat

Kyle Juszczyk’s wife, Kristin Juszczyk, has received a licencing deal with the NFL after she made Taylor Swift’s viral coat with Travis Kelce’s jersey number on it.

The NFL confirmed to Forbes on 30 January that Juszczyk, who is the wife of the San Francisco 49er’s full back, has received a licencing deal that allows her to use the league’s official branding on her men’s and women’s apparel. However, details about the deal have not yet been released.

The Independent has contacted a representative for the NFL and Juszczyk for comment.

The news comes after Swift made headlines for wearing one of Juszczyk’s jackets, which paid homage to the singer’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce. While arriving at Arrowhead Stadium on 13 January, Swift wore a red puffer coat, which had Kelce’s jersey numbers, 87, embroidered on the front and sleeves.

The sleeves of the jacket also had white and yellow stripes, to represent the Kansas City Chiefs, in addition to the number 87. Swift’s jacket, which was white on the inside, also read “Kelce” and “87” on the back, while she paired the look with a white hat. Underneath the jacket, Swift opted for black jeans and a matching shirt.

Meanwhile, Swift’s pal Brittany Mahomes – who’s married to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes – was also wearing a matching puffer jacket designed by Juszczyk. However, for her jacket, Mahomes instead had her last name written on the back, along with her husband’s jersey number: 15.

Following the playoff game on 13 January, Mahomes shared photos of her and Swift in their jackets on Instagram, along with the caption: “Twinning & Winning.”

Days later, Juszczyk also took to Instagram to share a brief video of herself making the now-viral jackets for Mahomes and Swift. She went on to celebrate the design opportunity in the caption, writing: “An honour of a lifetime!!!!! Thank you @taylorswift & @brittanylynne.”

Speaking to the San Francisco Chronicle, Kyle Juszczyk previously expressed how proud he was of his wife’s hard work, after seeing Swift wearing one of the designer’s jackets.

“Just happiness,” he said. “Just appreciation. Just so stoked for her because I know how hard she’s worked, how hard she grinded. To see Taylor wearing it and it looked incredible. It was just awesome. We were just so happy in our house.”

He went on to describe how Swift’s decision to wear the jacket led to a bigger opportunity, adding: “Honestly one of the cooler things of this was it merged two different worlds: The football world was interested in it, the fashion world, the Swifties. All that and they all came together.”

Over the years, Juszczyk has designed many of her own looks, which she frequently wears at her husband’s games. Her career has also gone on to expand, with many famous faces wearing her puffer jackets to football games, including Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, who’s the wife of Green Bay Packers star Jonathan Owens, and Taylor Lautner.

During the 49ers’ game on Sunday, which advanced the team to the Super Bowl, Juszczyk once again brought out her iconic long red puffer jacket. The look – which is in honour of the 49ers – also has her husband’s jersey number, 44, on it.

After the NFC Championship game, Juszczyk took to Instagram to reveal that there was something special hidden in the coat, before the 49ers ever won the game. In the video, documented after the game, Juszczyk pulled up the sleeve of her jacket, revealing that the inside read: “Super Bowl Bound.” In the caption, she also quipped: “Always have something up my sleeve!”

How did Juszczyk get the jacket to Taylor Swift?

During an interview with Today, which was published on 9 February, Juszczyk revealed that Mahomes helped her get the jacket to Swift. She revealed that while she initially planned on mailing the jacket to the singer, she didn’t learn that Swift was actually going to wear it until the day before it was sent out.

“Brittany texted me and she said, ‘Hey, can you send me a video of Taylor’s jacket?’ And I was like, ‘Wait, is there a possibility of you guys both wearing this?’ And she said, ‘Yeah, we’re wearing it,’” she recalled. “It was just such a pinch me moment. I mean, it just was incredible.”

She went on to emphasis how Swift’s decision to wear the jacket shaped her fashion career, while describing how emotional she got when it happened.

“She’s single handedly catapulted my career,” she said about the “Anti-Hero” singer. “I’ve been at this for years. When I saw her walk out in that jacket, it just like, brought me to tears.”