Kylian Mbappé's £15m Madrid megamansion next to new neighbour Richard Gere

footballer smiling on green chair
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French footballace Kylian Mbappé has snapped up a lavish megamansion in Madrid.

The 25-year-old sports star's move comes amid rumours that he is expected to join Real Madrid on a free transfer after announcing he will be leaving Paris Saint-Germain later this summer.

footballer kissing gold trophy
The footballer is reportedly set to join Real Madrid (Getty Images)

Sharing news of his upcoming departure on social media, Kylian told his followers: "I've always said that I would speak with you when the time comes and so I wanted to announce to you all that it's my last year at Paris Saint-Germain."

He continued: "I will not extend, and the adventure will come to an end in a few weeks." The football ace finished by adding: "I made the choice of loving it and I did for seven years, with ups and downs of course, but I do not regret any moment since signing with this prestigious club. It's a club that I will keep in my memory my entire life."

According to Spanish publication, La Razon, Kylian has snapped up a new property in Madrid, adding to swirling rumours that the forward is gearing up to join Real Madrid.

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The footballer star has splashed out on a new property (Instagram)

His lavish new property, which allegedly set him back €18 million, is located in La Moraleja – an affluent area located in the municipality of Alcobendas. Over the years, the community has attracted a cluster of famous faces, including American actor Richard Gere who purchased a property in La Moraleja for €11 million.

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footballer celebrating goal during world cup
Kylian Mbappe celebrating after scoring the team's third goal during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 (Getty Images)

Richard, 74, spoke about his relocation during a candid interview with Vanity Fair Spain. Bidding farewell to the US, the actor appears to be excited about his new adventure with his wife Alejandra and their two children, Alexander, five, their youngest son who is three, and her son, Albert, 11.

"For me, going to Madrid is going to be a great adventure because I have never lived full-time outside of the United States," he told the outlet.

Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva tied the knot in 2018
Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva tied the knot in 2018 (Getty Images)

Richard, who wed Alejandra in Spain, went on to say: "For Alejandra it will be wonderful to be closer to her family, her lifelong friends, and her culture.

"She was very generous in giving me six years living in my world, so I think it's only fair that I give her at least another six of her living in hers.

"I love Spain and I think your lifestyle is fabulous. Also your ability to live transmitting joy and happiness. It is a beautiful place, the food is extraordinary and the people exude sensitivity and generosity, as well as an iron will to laugh and enjoy. So I'm looking forward to going there."