Kylie Jenner Has Officially Defined Her Relationship With ‘Boyfriend’ Timothée Chalamet

Kylie Jenner Has Officially Defined Her Relationship With ‘Boyfriend’ Timothée Chalamet

More than six months into dating, Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet have put a label on their relationship: They are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. A source told People that Jenner is “incredibly happy” with Chalamet, and she’s calling him her boyfriend now.

“He is very supportive of her career and she of his,” the source said. “They both try to attend important events for each other.” He also has her family’s approval: “He is very good for Kylie. Since dating him, she seems very content, relaxed, and focused. Her family loves him.”

As for Chalamet’s view of Jenner, the source shared he’s “in awe of everything she is accomplishing [and] especially thinks she is an amazing mom.”

Jenner and Chalamet were first romantically linked in the spring. They confirmed their relationship themselves in September when they were photographed kissing at Beyoncé’s concert in Los Angeles.

Jenner was seen recently at the after-party for Chalamet’s London Wonka premiere. She secretly flew over to support him.

In September, a source spoke to Entertainment Tonight about why Jenner felt comfortable going public with her Chalamet romance. It‘s “because she is confident and secure in their relationship. [She] feels like she can be herself with him [and] really likes that,” the insider explained.

The two stars “also connect on a deep level,” the source added. “Timothée is also a family man and they relate to each other about that. Kylie’s friends and family think Timothée is great and love seeing her happy.”

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