Kylie Jenner legally changes son's name to Aire: What parents need to know

“When a child is young, they're still developing this identity…so what I would encourage is that it's done thoughtfully," says expert.

Kylie Jenner has officially changed the name of her baby. (Instagram/@kyliejenner)
Kylie Jenner has officially changed her baby's name. (Instagram/@kyliejenner)

Kylie Jenner's son is now legally named Aire Webster — after announcing in 2022 that she and Travis Scott changed their son's name from Wolf Jacques.

The couple had said the original name "really didn't feel like it was him."

They kept his new name a secret for months, and only confirmed it in a February Instagram post.

According to court documents obtained by People on Monday, Jenner filed to have her 16-month-old son's name legally changed from Wolf Jacques to Aire, which in Hebrew means "Lion of God."

Is it OK to change a baby's name? Expert weighs in

Nikki Martyn is the program head of early childhood studies at the University of Guelph-Humber in Ontario.

The Canadian expert says Jenner's announcement highlights the importance of parents taking their time to understand who their babies are.

"They thought preemptively that their child should be strong and determined and whatever those positive skills they had associated with Wolf, but then after meeting what I presume is a very soft, gentle child or soul… they went with Aire," Martyn said.

Martyn said it's not common for parents to change the name of their children. It’s also not ideal or encouraged to change a child's name because it is closely linked to their identity.

"When a child is young, they're still developing this identity… so what I would encourage is that it's done thoughtfully," she said.

This is why Martyn encourages parents who are thinking of changing their children’s name to first use loving nicknames to help with the transition and to have open conversations about it with their child.

"Even at a young age, you want them to be able to understand and maybe even have a choice in picking the name," Martyn said.

But, children can adapt.

"What I think is most important… is the importance of feeling safe and secure," she added.

If we can create loving and trusting relationships with the parents in the environment, children will adapt.Nikki Martyn

Martyn said Jenner's move reveals her responsiveness to who her child authentically is.

"I think that is not done very much in life that we actually see and respond to who our child is, not what we want our child to be, not what we put on our child, but who they authentically are, and then create a responsive environment to that," she explained.

A Canadian expert recommends getting to know your baby before naming it if unsure. (Getty Images)
A Canadian expert recommends getting to know your baby before naming it if unsure. (Getty Images)

For soon-to-be parents, Martyn said thinking about a unique name for their child is important.

"I think as a culture now, we would like our child to be unique. There's a lot of Johns, right? And there's nothing wrong with Johns.

"But I think that we've come to a point where we want to really think about creating an authentic identity and something unique for that child so they can be seen," Martyn added.

What parents can learn from Jenner, according to the expert, is that maybe it’s better to hold off from naming their babies right away and "actually meet them" first.

"See who they are before we decide and have those first moments of loving connection where we can think… this is the energy that you bring into the world.

"This is your circle. This is the uniqueness that is you. And this now is who I name you."

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