Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet Are ‘Super Serious’: They See ‘Potential’ for ‘Something Real’

Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet, the Golden Globes’ most buzzed-about couple, are no longer just casually dating. They are serious and could go the distance, sources made clear to People and Entertainment Tonight.

People’s source shared that both their families support their “super serious” relationship. Jenner and Chalamet “may seem like opposites but they really do connect on a lot” specifically regarding music, friends and family, the source said.

“They’re both real with each other and things have been easy and fun,” they continued. “Timothée reminds Kylie to live in a very ‘present’ way, and she really likes that about him. They both push each other to be better people, and that’s a constant thing in their relationship.”

timothee chalamet and kylie jenner
Christopher Polk/Golden Globes 2024 - Getty Images

The source then discussed just how much their relationship dynamic has evolved now: “[They] are super serious and very involved with each other’s day-to-day lives, family on both sides included,” they began. “On Kylie’s side, Kris [Jenner] and Kim [Kardashian] are especially supportive and think there’s so much potential.” On Chalamet’s side, “his family also sees how happy she makes him. They’re definitely beyond the ‘just having fun’ point of the relationship. Everyone on both sides sees definite potential for something real here.”

Their life together is largely out of the spotlight: “They love dinners at home and nights in with family and close friends,” the insider said.

Entertainment Tonight’s source, meanwhile, discussed the efforts they go to in order to support one other professionally, the Golden Globes date being one example.

Generally, “things have been going very well between Kylie and Timothée,” that source began. “They are extremely supportive of one other and like to be there for each other.”

“Kylie is extremely busy and has so many of her own things going on, but she makes an effort to show up for Timothée,” they continued. “It means a lot to him to have her support and that she goes out of her way for him and the things he’s passionate about. He is so incredibly appreciative and sees a side of Kylie that she doesn’t necessarily show everyone.”

Jenner and Chalamet were first reported to be dating last spring. Around that time, a source told Entertainment Tonight, “They are keeping things casual at this point. It’s not serious, but Kylie is enjoying hanging out with Timothée and seeing where it goes. It’s been really fun for her because it feels a lot different than her past relationships. It’s new and exciting for Kylie and she’s having a lot of fun.”

Things continued to progress between them, and the pair went public with their relationship in September at Beyoncé’s Los Angeles concert.

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