Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet Were Photographed Holding Hands in Paris

Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet have taken their love story back to the place they are believed to have first met: Paris. TMZ obtained photos of Jenner and Chalamet holding hands and leaving their car together to attend Rosalía’s birthday party on Monday night.

Both wore black for the occasion. Jenner appeared to be donning a trench coat while Chalamet wore a baseball cap and jacket with jeans.

Jenner and Chalamet were first publicly seen together in January at the Jean Paul Gaultier show. Dating rumors surrounding the pair began swirling in April.

Jenner and Chalamet didn’t confirm the relationship themselves until September, when they attended Beyoncé’s concert together. They made out there, as documented in photos and video released by numerous outlets.

Jenner has been in Europe this past week, attending shows in Milan. At Prada, ELLE Mexico captured a photo of her holding her phone, featuring a background of her and Chalamet.

A source spoke to Entertainment Tonight on September 19 about how Jenner feels about Chalamet six months into dating him.

Jenner felt ready to go public with their romance in early September “because she is confident and secure in their relationship,” the source said, adding that “[she] feels like she can be herself with him [and] really likes that.”

“[They] also connect on a deep level,” the source continued. “Timothée is also a family man and they relate to each other about that. Kylie’s friends and family think Timothée is great and love seeing her happy.”

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