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Lawyer uses social sleuthing skills to prove that two people are lying about not knowing each other: ‘CIA-level receipts’

Lawyer and TikToker Reb Masel (@rebmasel) shared how her social media stalking skills came in handy when she was working on a case.

Masel (@rebmasel) is an attorney whose social media skills unexpectedly came in handy when she was working on a case. In a hilarious video, Masel recounts the story of when she was working on a deposition and took to social media to gather “CIA-level receipts” to prove that two people knew each other — even though they claimed they didn’t.

The video begins with Masel complaining about how difficult it is to maintain attorney-client privilege when, sometimes, all she wants to do is gossip.

“This requires you to repress so much piping hot tea,” she exclaims.

Fortunately, there are parts of Masel’s job that she’s allowed to talk about — including the hilarious story of a case that allowed her to use her extensive social media sleuthing skills. Masel begins by explaining that when she was in college, she often pored over social media to figure out if she and her friends were being cheated on by their boyfriends.

This social media research skill came in handy when she was working on a case where two people claimed not to know each other. Masel was in charge of a deposition in which she needed to prove that the two people did, in fact, know each other.

“Everyone was like, ‘We know these two people know each other, but they’re lying under oath. We’re never gonna figure out if they actually know each other or not,’” Masel recalls. “I was like, ‘Do they have social media?’”

Masel’s coworkers hadn’t thought to check social media, so Masel volunteered to do some digging.

“I said, ‘Give me 20 minutes, decent Wi-Fi and a Coke Zero,’” she recalls.

Masel did, indeed, find the proof she needed and, during the deposition, she presented the evidence. She not only revealed that the two people were Facebook friends, but shared that one even invited the other to an event in 2011!

Social media sleuthing

Viewers were cracking up at Masel’s story, and some even shared social media sleuthing stories of their own.

“Reb, this is such an Elle Woods moment and she would be so proud,” one viewer commented, referencing the main character from Legally Blonde.

“I was involved in a case as a defendant and my lawyer didn’t even look at the other person’s [social media]. I brought him a tweet proving they lied,” another viewer shared.

If viewers learn any lessons from Masel’s story, it’s to be careful what you post online. It might just be used against you in a court of law.

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