LeAnn Rimes, 40, Goes Nude and Makeup-Free in Emotional New Music Video

  • LeAnn Rimes’ strips down to wear only a blanket—and eventually, nothing—in a new video for her song “Spaceship.”

  • The raw moments captured represent the song’s emotional nature.

  • The footage made a huge impact and brought some fans to tears.

To match the vulnerability of her song “Spaceship,” LeAnn Rimes, 40, stripped down for its raw music video. Wearing just a blanket and no makeup, the singer strolled a mountainous desert and belted out lyrics that embody “tears, loneliness, and rage,” she wrote on Instagram, while her husband, Eddie Cibrian, filmed the intimate moments. To close the video, she dropped her cover and walked away from the camera, nude, baring it all.

Rimes told Entertainment Tonight that the raw project was shot very intentionally. “On this record, everything feels exposed. I think it was purposeful. I think that it’s that raw and that stripped down,” she said. On Instagram, she said that Cibrian being behind the camera made space for her “most primal, emotional self.”

But the opportunity to shoot was semi-random. They were driving through the Alabama Hills in California, and the lighting was just right. “I said, ‘Take your clothes off. Put this blanket on. Let’s shoot something. I just want to shoot something,’” Cibrian told ET. “We just started to shoot.”

“Sometimes moments happen and you can’t recreate them ever again. This was one of the times where everything kind of came together beautifully,” he added. “It told the story that I thought we should tell for this song visually. It’s beautiful, it’s raw, it’s everything.”

The video was shot on an iPhone and wrapped in four takes. “Usually when you shoot a music video, there’s a ton of crew around, there’s thousands and thousands of dollars that goes into something, there’s always hair and makeup and styling. It just felt so nice to [not have that] because I feel like that’s the essence of the song,” Rimes said.

At first, they weren’t sure about including the nude footage but ultimately decided that it fit the message. Plus, “[people have] seen my butt in a bikini a million times,” she told ET.

And fans loved it all—especially the emotional story the video captured. Some were even brought to tears. “Oh man! I freakin feel the song! I had teary eyes! Goosebumps,” a YouTube commenter wrote. “So powerful...beautiful lyrics and amazing scenery,” another added. “When I listened to this song it touched my soul so deeply that it hurt,” someone else wrote.

Rimes herself said she can’t watch the video without crying because “it captured something that I don’t think has ever been captured on film for me, which is this real, deep, inner world,” she said.

“Spaceship” is the leading track on Rimes’ new album, God’s Work, which was released September 16 and is available to stream now.

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