Leave The Sugar Out Of Your Meringue To Make It A Crunchy Salad Topper

whipping meringue mixture for salad
whipping meringue mixture for salad - Static Media/Shutterstock/Getty

The delicate peaks of meringue needn't be reserved just for dessert. Bring a touch of playful whimsy to your next salad by inviting a modified meringue cookie recipe into your meal. Your regular bowl of greens will be prettily adorned with the unexpected garnish, and even those who struggle to eat their vegetables may find inspiration after tucking into a fresh salad crowned with cookies.

While more conventional meringue cookie recipes include vanilla extract and sugar, a savory creation can be made with your choice of dried herbs, seasonings, and spices. Instead of whipping up egg whites with sugar, you'll forgo the sweetener in favor of your savory substitutes. Sprinkle smoked paprika or garlic powder into your bowl or whip dried basil and freshly cracked black pepper into your fluffy mixture.

Add cream of tartar and whip until the characteristic peaks form. Just as if you would be making typical meringue cookies, you'll pipe these herby cookies to bake, and in an hour, you'll have fun crunchy toppings that can be placed on top of salads or added to charcuterie boards.

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An Unexpected Salad Topping

whipping egg whites in bowl
whipping egg whites in bowl - MaraZe/Shutterstock

Once you've opened the door to a less sweet meringue recipe, the world of meringue croutons is yours for the taking. Customize the flavor of your savory meringue pieces by stirring in creamy cheeses to the eggy mixture before baking. You can add texture to your meringue cookie croutons with ground pieces of bacon and fried onions, or use DIY everything but the bagel seasoning to make meringue cookies that can be easily eaten alone as a snack. Experiment with combinations of citrus juice and garden herbs for fresh bites that can be enjoyed all year round. Think lime paired with coriander or thyme with lemon.

Since meringue-making does require a bit of time spent in the kitchen, you may want to make several flavors in one batch by separating whipped egg whites and adding different flavors to each bowl. Just be sure to label your creations so that sweet and savory cookies aren't confused by your guests after you've plated your cookies to serve.

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