Lengthy list of mostly 'common sense' roommate rules goes viral

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Looking for a new roommate can be daunting. After all, you’re sharing a roof with someone, and you never quite know all their quirks until you move in with them.

However, a viral tweet shared by Twitter user @rxdazn shows just what happens when a potential roommate goes a little over the top with their new house rules.

In the post, which the Twitter user screencapped from a Facebook flatshare group, opens by saying most of the rules are “common sense,” but the lengthy checklist of 12 demands, tackles everything from how often you can use the toilet, to strict rules about noise and even covers how often romantic partners can visit.

In fact there are even rules for when you can even access the home you’re paying for.

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“I need you to be out of the flat on week days during normal working hours (9-5) because I work from home five days a week and I need the place to myself,” explains the poster in the first rule. “If you have a proper job, this shouldn’t be a problem.”

The second rule demands that the potential new roommate be “quiet and considerate,” which means you may have to reconsider how you use doors.

“You should use door handles rather than push the doors to slam,” the renter says. “I’m not looking for a ’bull in a china shop’ kind of flatmate.”

The post also slams the behaviour of a previous roommate that was said to be on Skype for two to three hours a day, or even longer on weekends.

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But if you’re wondering how much time you’re allowed to spend on the phone before getting on the renter’s bad side, you may be out of luck. There, the rules become quite ambiguous.

“I won’t tell you for how long you’re allowed to talk a day, it’s nonsense,” the post reads. “You should know if you use the phone a lot every day or you don’t. People who don’t, don’t cause me problems. As soon as someone start [sic] interpreting my words to suit themselves, the problems begin.”

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