Lenny Kravitz reveals he hasn’t been in a relationship for nine years

Lenny Kravitz reveals he hasn’t been in a relationship for nine years

Lenny Kravitz has opened up about his relationship status.

The 60-year-old musician spoke to The Guardian in an interview published on Thursday May 30 about how he felt he became similar to his father through his dating habits and made the decision to commit to celibacy until he had found the right person.

Kravitz was married to actress Lisa Bonet from 1987 to 1993 and shares daughter Zoë Kravitz with her. He explained to the outlet that he noticed he was dating around more casually and not participating in any serious relationships since the divorce.

“After the marriage, I became more like [his father]. I was becoming a player,” Kravitz told the outlet.

“I didn’t like it. I didn’t want to be that guy. So I had to tackle that and it took years... by taking responsibility. Discipline. Not letting my own desires take over.”

He added that this has also led to him remaining celibate for that exact period of time. “It’s a spiritual thing,” he said. “I have become very set in my ways, in the way I live.”

For the “Fly Away” singer, this includes working out, even if he has to do it in leather pants. “If I’m coming from somewhere and my trainer says we can get it in now, then I’ll come as I am. A lot of the time I’m in street clothes, which people think is funny,” Kravitz told the outlet.

In a previous interview with Variety, Kravitz addressed the viral Instagram video of him working out while wearing boots and leather pants. He originally stated that he had “no idea” why it had gained so much attention, but still went on to defend why he was wearing what he was.

“Because I’m always working out in leather pants or jeans and boots and whatever – if I’m not doing cardio,” he said. “If I’m doing cardio, obviously I’m going to wear sweats because I’m going to be sweating all over the place. But if I’m lifting weights, I don’t sweat so much.”

He echoed what he told The Guardian, noting that he’ll normally just show up in whatever he’s wearing at the time because of his busy schedule - and not for the sake of going viral on social media.

“So, a lot of times I’m coming from somewhere or I’m going somewhere. And I just don’t care,” he continued. “I’m gonna pop in, I’ve got 45 minutes, we’re gonna hit it and I’m gonna go run to where I’m going. So I don’t do it for effect.”

“So I don’t do it for effect. I didn’t do that to be like: ‘Oh, let me be just so different and wear leather pants and glasses.’ No, it’s just me walking in off the street,” he said.

In terms of the criticism he’s received regarding his workout attire, Kravitz mentioned that both him and his trainer knew what they were doing.

“I know my body and what my body does and what it can do and how it feels and it’s all good,” he explained. “I trained with elite athletes, I trained with football players, NFL and NBA stars. I trained with MLB stars, wrestlers, boxers. I’ve played with them all.”