Liven up your desk supplies with these at-home DIYs

Your work might be serious, but that doesn’t mean your workspace has to be! Add some flair to your workspace by decorating your office supplies. These office supply hacks are so colorful, cute, and easy to do. If you’re looking for a way to make your workday more fun and whimsical, these creative DIY office supply hacks are for you.

Office Supplies Hack 1: Make DIY Floral Pens

Bring the great outdoors inside with these DIY floral pens! Start by grabbing a pen and removing the cap. Then, wrap the pen in green floral tape to make it look like the stem of a flower. Finally, use hot glue to attach a fake flower to the top of your pen. The finished pen will look like a flower and is sure to make your next writing task more enjoyable!

Office Supplies Hack 2: Make Milk and Cookie Erasers

These DIY milk and cookie erasers look good enough to eat! First, make your “milk” eraser by cutting the top corners off of an eraser to make it look like a milk carton. Draw a line across the bottom of the “carton” with permanent marker then add a cute smiley face. Next, make your “cookie” erasers by cutting brown erasers into circles and adding “chocolate chips” with a permanent marker. Arrange the adorable milk and cookie erasers on your desk and admire your delicious handiwork!

Office Supplies Hack 3: Make Decorative Paper Clips

These decorative paper clips will make staying organized so much more fun! Start by using a hole puncher to punch small rounds out of cardstock. Then, place a cute round sticker onto the top of a paper clip. Add hot glue to the back of the paper clip and affix a cardstock round to it to keep the sticker in place. Now you’re ready to organize your papers in style!

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