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Lizzo says she doesn’t mind having 'a big soft belly' and 'back rolls': 'I like it that way'

Lizzo encourages people to define their own beauty standards with her shapewear. (Photo: Getty Images)
Lizzo encourages people to define their own beauty standards with her shapewear. (Photo: Getty Images)

Lizzo is responding to trolls who say that her shapewear isn't doing what it's supposed to.

The 34-year-old singer and creator of Yitty said she wanted to talk about "body politics" during a get-ready-with-me style video on TikTok. While getting herself dressed for a night out, she reflected on comments she's received since launching her shapewear brand and wearing her product.

"Snatched, where? Why? No, I’m sorry. Her breasts are sagging. It is not a good look," she claimed people have said before responding, "This might be a little controversial for some of ya’ll and it may be hard to hear, but I like it that way."

Lizzo went on clarify that the way that her shapewear fits "works for me" and "if it does not work for you, at Yitty we have different levels of compression so you can create your ... own beauty standard."

She also said that the variety in shape, fit and compression that her brand offers is the reason she created it.

"I was sick of the shapewear industry forcing a body type on me. I don’t want to look like that. What if I wanna look like more snatched here, more loose here, more relaxed here, maybe a little cleavage there?” she asked, grabbing different parts of her body. "I wanted to give all bodies — and yes to ya’ll even the people who be talking shit — the opportunity to create your own beauty. Create what feels good to you, what looks good to you."

It isn't the first time that Lizzo has made mention of that particular brand mission. When announcing Yitty in March 2022, she told The New York Times that she aimed to "have fun with my body, creating shapes and allowing my body to be curvaceous, loving the rolls that you're supposed to hide, and exploring through fashion," with shapewear that didn't obstruct that.

Nearly a year later, she's still reminding people that shapewear doesn't have to be conducive to one body type.

"Trust me, I’ve seen enough how-to-lose-weight, how-to-get-a-BBL-body videos on this app to know that that’s also a beauty standard that some of ya’ll might want to attain," she told her TIkTok audience. "All bodies are welcome here, all bodies are represented here. I got a big soft belly, I got low soft saggy titties and I like it. I got back rolls and I don’t mind them. I want them to breathe in my shapewear. But if you want to get snatched up, Yitty got that compression type for you, too. So let’s all just not judge each other and just learn to love the bodies we’re in and wear stuff that feels good."

She added, "Liberate yourself."

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