Looking At Tia Mowry's Extra-Long Braids Counts As Vacation

 Tia Mowry.
Tia Mowry.

Tia Mowry is on vacation, and thanks to the amazing pictures she's been sharing, I sort of feel like I'm there with her.

On Thursday, January 18, the 45-year-old posted an Instagram carousel from her recent trip to Thailand. While all the images were amazing—the food! the water! the family memories!—one aspect in particular stole the show: Mowry's latest hairstyle. In the first photo, her ultra-long micro-braids literally graze her thighs as she posed on a sandy beach. The second slide shows the full intricacy of the 'do, as the Disney alum poses for multiple mirror selfies, runs her hands through her hair in the water, and jumps off a boat (look at those strands fly).

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The actress's braids were the work of Marquita Lynch, her regular hairstylist and the genius behind so many of her iconic looks over the years.

“With the Fulani braids being the latest trend, I wanted to add my own personal touch by creating a custom blonde blend and extending the braids to thigh length," the professional tells Marie Claire. "Who doesn’t love braids that make a statement?”

One beautiful thing about the protective hairstyle is that it stayed perfect for every vacation adventure—from fancy dinners to seafaring excursions.

Alongside the lovely pictures, Mowry wrote a sweet message about how much the trip meant to her—and how she hopes to continue practicing some of the same self-care at home.

"At times, I find myself caught up in the whirlwind of life, especially when juggling responsibilities and caring for my children. The constant pursuit of life’s markers of success have definitely affected me, making me truly appreciate the opportunity to hit pause during my time in Thailand. I immersed myself in self-reflection, connected with nature, embraced a new culture, and cherished moments with my family," she wrote.

"Sharing this experience and journey with my kids held special significance for me, as I aspire for them to maintain a perpetual curiosity about the world and nurture an explorative spirit.This trip served as a healing journey, allowing me to realign my priorities and delve into my fundamental purpose. The blessing of being able to do this soul-searching amidst the beauty of Thailand is something I hold dear, but I am committed to incorporating these practices of slowing down into my everyday life."

While Mowry hopes to bring these practices into her own life, it's important to note that she—as the owner of curly hair brand 4U By Tia— helps so many people with their own wellbeing goals. So, here's to self-care. And to Tia. And great hair in general.