Looks Like We’re Getting a MoonSnoopy

Last night on Instagram, Swatch posted an animation featuring a certain famous beagle—a beagle who happens to be popping out of a MoonSwatch briefcase and howling at the Moon. That’s right, folks: It looks like an official Omega x Swatch x Snoopy collaboration is on the way.

Omega devotees will know the maker has a long history with the Peanuts icon: Since 1968, NASA has awarded the Silver Snoopy Award to “employees and contractors for outstanding achievements related to human flight safety or mission success.” (There’s an excellent black-and-white image of astronaut Tom Stafford tapping a Snoopy stuffed animal on the nose for good luck before heading out on Apollo 10.) Omega itself received the award in 1970, after its Speedmaster helped save the Apollo 13 mission. Since 2003, Snoopy has since featured on several Speedmaster watches, cementing the connection between the cartoon, NASA, Omega, and the Speedmaster. (In fact, Snoopy appears on lots of watches in general.)

The Snoopy-themed Speedys rank among the most popular Omega releases around, continually selling out despite their lofty retail prices and often going for big money on the secondary market. So imagine the prospect of a MoonSwatch x Snoopy mashup—a sub-$300 quartz-powered, Bioceramic-cased Speedmaster starring America’s favorite cartoon pup. We’d start lining up now if we were you.

The MoonSwatch machine is still going strong. Every couple of months, we get a new one, and the lines reappear outside Swatch boutiques from New York City to Cannes. Chances are good that the Snoopy inclusion will only serve to widen the MoonSwatch audience—which itself has already considerably expanded the watch-buying pool to a younger generation.

We’re not sure what the MoonSnoopy — our term — is gonna look like yet, as Swatch has only published a teaser. (Though it’ll likely have some blue, white, and black in it.) The truth is, it doesn’t really matter: People are gonna go gaga for this watch.

We will update this story as it develops.

Originally Appeared on GQ