It Looks Like The Rumours Are True – Taylor Swift Is Planning To Go On Hiatus After The 'Eras' Tour

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It's the record-breaking, billion dollar-making tour that's cemented Taylor Swift as a star in a league entirely of her own, but once it concludes in December 2024, expect the star of the moment herself to disappear from the spotlight entirely – at least just for now.

According to the June 20 episode of the DeuxMoi podcast, Deux U, Swift is, in fact, planning to go on hiatus once she has finished the Eras tour.

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'I personally believe she toyed with the idea of extending and then in the end realised.. I mean, this tour has to be taking a physical toll on her,' DeuxMoi said. 'My speculation is that she was thinking about extending it, decided not to and, to me, that is a real indication of her wanting to move forward with the next portion of her life, which we're assuming involves Travis [Kelce].'

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After then addressing the inaccuracy of a Reddit thread that insinuates that Kelce has been unfaithful, the cultural commentator proceeded to say: 'I received this message. I don't know who sent it and I don't know if it's just a fan making s*** up, but I want to say – and this happens every fortnight – a fan will submit something and they get it right. Because I heard this same exact thing.'

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The message in question began, 'Swifties probably won't like this because they are used to getting a stable album cycle from Taylor but I can confirm that she was in talks to extend the tour because of the constant, still-huge demand but stopped the additional dates planning because she had a change of heart and decided to put a definite stop in December.

It continued: 'In fact, the last city wasn't meant to be Vancouver, but Los Angeles for the announcement of something. Rumour has it that, after December, she is planning to go on hiatus from music to focus on other projects and her personal life. Swifties, don't shoot the messenger please.'

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DeuxMoi continued to add that she had also heard that Swift was planning to add some additional dates to the Eras tour in December in Los Angeles before she received the email in question. 'Yes, the tour will end in December, but not where everyone thinks it's going to be ending. That's what I heard.'

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