Lori Harvey shared the red and green flags she looks for in relationships after breaking up with Michael B. Jordan, and says she's in a 'sexier' place now

Lori Harvey
Lori HarveyDaniele Venturelli/Getty Images
  • Model Lori Harvey ended her relationship with actor Michael B. Jordan in June 2022.

  • In a recent interview, Harvey said a partner being too close with an ex is a dating red flag.

  • She said post breakup, she's in a more "mature" and "sexier" place.

Model Lori Harvey opened up about the red flags that turn her off in relationships, and the qualities she looks for in a partner, on an August 10 episode of the Youtube series Bumble Presents Luv2Seeit with Teyana Taylor.

The 25-year-old ended her relationship with actor Michael B. Jordan in June after over a year of dating, according to People.

After they broke up, the pair removed pictures and videos of each other from their personal Instagram accounts.

Harvey said in the interview that post split, she looks out for red flags in potential partners, like being too close with an ex, or still having conflict with an ex.

She said relationships with exes should be "cordial," at most.

The SKN by LH founder told Taylor that "transparency" and "openness" are green flags in a relationship, even though she admitted she has not been a great communicator in the past.

"I actually was a horrible communicator," she said. "That's something I've like actively been working on."

Harvey, who was engaged "very young" to Dutch soccer star Memphis Depay, said these days she's focused on dating on "her own terms."

"I didn't really know myself," she said.


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