Alert! The 'Love Is Blind' Season 5 Reunion Drops This Weekend

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'Love Is Blind' Season 5 Episode Release ScheduleNetflix

Season 5 of Love Is Blind is proving that love, actually, is not blind. ICYMI, the last episode from the newest season of the iconic dating show has just dropped. But there's a reunion episode dropping on October 15, so don't fret. There's more drama to come.

This time around the contestants have proven to be a little disappointing in the romance department—but they certainly meet the bar in providing good reality TV moments!

The Netflix dating experiment involves cast members going on speed dates in pods where they get to know each other without ever seeing each other. The idea is that you fall in love with a person's internal characteristics vs. what they look like IRL. Naturally, it doesn't always pan out that way.

So far, the first four seasons have had some really sweet success stories, but season 5 only resulted in one marriage. Congratulations to Lydia and Milton! Izzy, unfortunately, was left at the altar by Stacy, after she said she needed more time. Yikes!

This season's singles hailed from Houston, Texas—and the cast included everyone from makeup-hating fireman JP to Love Is Blind wunderkind Milton. Now that the show's remaining couple has said "I do" (or not) you're probably anxiously awaiting the reunion so you can see if they ~actually~ made it work IRL.

Without further ado, here's what you can expect for the remaining reunion release for Love Is Blind.

How many Love Is Blind episodes are out?

There are 10 episodes in all, and they've all dropped at this point.

That means that there's only the reunion episode left—a.k.a. plenty of time has passed for couples to enjoy, or ruin their relationships. ATM, Izzy and Stacy are high-key on the rocks after Stacy said no at the altar, while Lydia and Milton seem to be very happy but... only time will tell.

What day of the week do Love Is Blind episodes come out?

Glad you asked! The season premiered on Sept. 22, and new episodes have rolled out each Friday for the last two weeks. Episodes 8 and 9 dropped last week—which means there's only one more episode of Love Is Blind left. And you know what that means... After The Altar should be coming soon.

Here’s a full breakdown:

  • Week 1 (Friday, Sept. 22): Episodes 1-4 Watch Now

  • Week 2 (Friday, Sept. 29): Episodes 5-7Watch Now

  • Week 3 (Friday, Oct. 6): Episodes 8-9 Watch Now

  • Week 4 (Friday, Oct. 13): Episode 10 Watch Now

What time will the new episode be available?

The reunion will air on October 15 at 8 P.M. EST! Mark your calendars.

Where can I watch Love Is Blind season 5?

As always, Love Is Blind season 5 airs on Netflix. In fact, while you're waiting for more season 5 episodes to drop, you can catch up on all the drama (and love) that happens in seasons 1 through 4.

Watch Now

When does the Season 5 After The Altar episode come out?

I get it, you want the drama! The After The Altar episode is traditionally where Love Is Blind cast members check back in about the state of their current relationships. Unfortunately, no air date has been officially announced for the season 5 After The Altar special, but according to a teaser released by Netflix earlier this week, this special season 5 reunion will be coming soon.

Given last season's horrible technical mishap, this one looks like it will not be live.

Who is in the cast this season?

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This season of Love Is Blind featured 28 singles looking for love. That’s a lot of people to keep your eye on, but obviously not everyone ends up getting married. Here were the main ones to know:

Spoiler, LIB fans will only hear wedding bells for Lydia and Milton, and Izzy and Stacy.

Love Is Blind Season 5 drama and spoilers so far:

If you're just looking for the highlights this season, here's what to know. First off, two contestants—Uche and Lydia—have already met, er, dated in real life. This causes a serious rift in the whole "love is blind" thing, as they already know each other. It also kinda breaks down the whole fourth wall of the show from a viewer's POV.

Uche causes major drama for all the women and men in the pods—attempting to wain off anyone from Lydia (which proves unsuccessful—Milton and Lydia are supposedly getting married in the finale).

Then, there's JP and Taylor, who despite hitting it off in the pods, learn quickly that they are not each other's cup of tea in Mexico. Success story Izzy and Stacy are still engaged ATM (after Izzy had his pick of three different women), but there's plenty of time for it all to crumble at the altar. Plus, Izzy has been running a smear campaign for Johnie, which is making him look bad. Except to Stacy, who for some reason is enjoying it.

For more reunion details, stay tuned!

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