Love is Blind’s Zach and Bliss welcome their first baby and share unique name

Love is Blind’s Zach and Bliss welcome their first baby and share unique name

The first baby from Love is Blind has been born.

Bliss Poureetezadi and Zack Goytowski, who were contestants on season four of the Netflix reality dating series, have confirmed to People that their first child, a daughter, was born on Friday 26 April, weighing seven pounds and 11 ounces.

“We are so in love with our precious, beautiful baby girl,” the couple told the outlet and announced in an Instagram post. “We are forever changed and are so blessed to spend the rest of our lives loving her. She is our moon, our stars, the center of our universe.”

The couple first announced they were expecting back in November, which they confirmed in an interview with People. “It’s a little bit nerve-wracking, but I think it’s also such a beautiful thing,” Poureetezadi said at the time. “Babies are miracles and blessings, and I think we’ve been so open to sharing our journey and our relationship with the world, and this is our next big beautiful thing. I’m really happy and I hope that it brings joy to other people. It’s definitely brought us a ton of joy.”

As for a name, the two decided on Galileo Terri Rayne Goytowski. “A powerful name for a powerful lady,” Poureetezadi clarified in a pinned Instagram comment. “Galileo was not only one of the great brilliant minds of our time but the name also represents where Jesus performed his miracles.”

“Terri is after @zackgoytowski’s beautiful angel mama who I know will always watch over our baby girl. Rayne means blessings and Queen. We call her Leo (Lay-o) for short.”

“My little professor I can’t wait to see how you change the world. You’ve already changed mine,” Zack’s comment on the post read.

Prior to giving birth, the couple reflected on what they were the most excited about in terms of having a child. “I think for me, I’m excited to see them learn and explore the world,” Bliss told People.

“And hopefully, if we do things right, to see what they can contribute and how they can make the world a better place. I think that’s one of the most powerful things we can do as human beings and I really hope that for our child. And I just can’t wait to kiss its cheeks and its little toes and just give it love. And I’m excited to see it experience love and life and all of that.”

Zack said: “I think what I really hope most for our child is just that they live a happy life and they bring happiness and joy into the world.”

“No matter what we do as parents, we’re never going to do everything right,” he continued. “I’m going to make tons of mistakes ... but I think the only thing that really matters is that I make our child know that I love them and that I believe that they can do whatever they set their mind to.”

The married couple first connected in the pods during Love is Blind’s fourth season, which hit Netflix in March 2023. Despite their strong connection, Goytowski ultimately left the pods engaged to Irina Solomonova. It wasn’t long before they called it quits during the cast’s Mexico getaway and he reconnected with Poureetezadi upon returning to Seattle. The pair were one of three couples to say “I do” during the season four finale and recently celebrated their two-year anniversary.