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Lululemon's belt bag now comes with a longer strap — and it's perfect for Christmas

The holiday season is just around the corner. Win the "best gift" award with Lululemon's viral belt bag.

pink lululemon belt bag and woman in taupe winter jacket and brown everywhere belt bag, Lululemon just released its viral Everywhere Belt Bag in a longer strap (photos via Lululemon).
Lululemon just released its viral Everywhere Belt Bag in a longer strap (photos via Lululemon).

Christmas shopping can be undeniably stressful, especially if you wait until the last minute. Luckily, we're still in "early bird" territory, meaning you have plenty of time to find the perfect gift.

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Speaking of perfect gifts, whether you're on the lookout for your mom, your girlfriend, your best friend, or a very lucky loved one, Lululemon's Everywhere Belt Bag is a great place to start.

Dubbed an "amazing" bag by shoppers, Lululemon's viral belt bag has racked up over 20,000 reviews, and thanks to popular demand, it now comes with an even longer strap.

Everywhere Belt Bag with Long Strap 1L

Shop the Everywhere Belt Bag with Long Strap 1L in four colours.

$44 at Lululemon

The details

Lululemon's Everywhere Belt Bag is made from water-repellant fabric and measures just 7.5" x 2" x 5" — a perfect size for running errands, bringing to the airport and hitting the trails.

A new, updated version of the bag comes with an additional 35cm of strap length for added versatility. The belt bag features an exterior zippered pocket and interior pockets to keep you organized.

The ultra-popular belt bag is available in 15 colours and patterns with its original strap length. If you're keen on trying out the new longer strap, there are four colour options to choose from.

Why it's worth it

🛍️ 20,000+ reviews

4.7-star average rating

🏅 "Perfect little bag"

While the new long-strap bag has limited ratings, the original Everywhere Belt Bag boasts more than 20,000 reviews. One shopper, who describes the Everywhere bag as "durable and versatile," calls it a "stylish" accessory for those wanting to keep their wallet and keys close by. "I [use it] for travelling," and it's "really functional," they write.

It's the "perfect" crossbody bag, echoes another. A "must-add to your collection."

A third Lululemon shopper says the Everywhere Belt Bag "changed everything."

Shop the original Everywhere Belt Bag

Shop the Everywhere Belt Bag 1L in 15 colours.

$44 at Lululemon

"I absolutely love this bag," they say. "It can fit all my necessities inside and more. [...] The fabric is a great material; when it gets dirty, it can be wiped right off. The Belt Bag matches all my outfits and makes it so I don't have to carry a large purse everywhere."

While fans have dubbed the Lululemon crossbody the "perfect little bag," some reviewers miss the old design of the strap. "I find myself constantly adjusting the length because the two elastic bands don't hold the strap in place securely enough."

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag: Do you need it?

Dubbed the "perfect" on-the-go bag by Lululemon shoppers, the brand's Everywhere Belt Bag has become one of the internet's most sought-after bags. However, while reviewers say the belt bag is "really functional" and "durable," not all shoppers love the design of its strap.

Christmas gift idea: Best Lululemon belt bags for winter 2023

Everywhere Belt Bag 1L Fleece.

$39 at Lululemon

Everywhere Belt Bag 1L Wunder Puff in white.

$64 at Lululemon

Everywhere Belt Bag Large 2L Wunder Puff in Rhino Grey.

$74 at Lululemon

Everywhere Belt Bag Large 2L in Deep Luxe.

$52 at Lululemon

Mini Belt Bag in Sonic Pink/Red Merlot.

$38 at Lululemon

Clean Lines Belt Bag 2L in White Opal.

$64 at Lululemon

Everywhere Belt Bag 1L Fleece in White Opal/Gold.

$64 at Lululemon

City Adventurer Belt Bag 2.5L in Twilight Rose.

$74 at Lululemon

Team Canada Future Legacy Mini Belt Bag in Lemon Vibe/Light Ivory/White Opal.

$38 at Lululemon

All Day Essentials Belt Bag 2.5L in Trench/Brown Earth.

$52 at Lululemon

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