"I’m now in a committed relationship with my NuFACE microcurrent device – here's why"

nuface review
Trust me, you need a microcurrent deviceHearst Owned

Not to toot one's own horn, but in my many years of being a beauty journalist, I've interviewed a lot of celebs. Hands down the most frequently brought up product within these star-studded conversations is the NuFACE Toning Device. So, why it took me so long to get around to trying it myself is beyond me. What can I say? I'm clearly not the smartest microcurrent tool on the skincare shelf.

The thought of adding another step onto my nighttime routine when I just want to lay in bed and read a book is probably a factor. Another is that I was sceptical about whether microcurrent devices actually had any skin benefits – I'd heard mixed reviews. However, when a NuFACE device landed on my desk during a particularly self-indulgent self-care phase (I'm not the most patient and often dip in and out) I decided to take it out of its box and give it a go, and I'm so glad I did.

My NuFACE Toning Device review

Other than my trusty Foreo Luna Cleansing Device, my beauty tool experience has been more situational than long-term. My LED face mask is covered in dust and I'm not sure I ever re-charged my pore-vacuum thingamabob. No shade to either – I know people that swear by them, but I'm just far too lazy. However, with fans like Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid (to name just two), surely the hype for the NuFACE Toning Device couldn't be just noise, right?

How to use a NuFACE

The first step of your NuFACE journey is applying the clear goo (read: the 'Conductive Gel') that comes with the device onto clean skin. My NuFACE allowed me to select from a number of intensity levels, so I started with the lowest first. I slid the device across my jawline, cheeks and forehead in an upward motion. The device vibrates every five or so seconds to let you know when it's time to move on from the section you're working on – smart. All in all, it takes me a handful of minutes to complete.

NuFACE advises using the device five times a week during the first 60 days, and twice a week after that to maintain results.

My initial thoughts on the NuFACE

Due to the microcurrent element, I wasn't sure what the NuFACE was going to feel like on the skin. It was pain-free but did feel like tiny sparks or twitches under the skin, not too dissimilar to removing your phone charger from a dodgy plug socket, if you catch my drift.

I was pleased with how short the treatment was – none of this ten-minute business (looking at you, LED mask) – and when I woke up in the morning I could tell my skin looked glowier after just that one use. So, what exactly was it doing to my skin?

How do microcurrent devices work?

Although painless, I wanted to know exactly what these little zaps were doing to my skin so I searched for answers.

"Microcurrents work by delivering low-level electrical currents that mimic the body's natural bioelectric currents, stimulating skin cells and enhancing cellular activity," explains Dr Jinah Yoo, Consultant Dermatologist at Maylin x Dr Jinah Yoo Dermatology. "This can boost collagen and elastin production, improve blood circulation, and promote skin healing and rejuvenation - making it an excellent addition to your skincare regime."

While many clinics offer microcurrent-based treatments, these at-home devices aren't going to be quite as powerful (for obvious reasons). However, Dr Yoo believes they can still have an impact. "At-home microcurrent devices can share similar benefits to professional treatments, such as improved skin tone and reduced fine lines, though the results may be less significant. Consistent use, a high-quality device as well as following the device instructions are crucial for achieving noticeable outcomes," she says.

What are the skincare benefits of a microcurrent device?

We've mentioned above about seeing a reduction in fine lines and improved skin tone, but one aspect I don't think is discussed enough is how it supercharges your skincare.

"Increasing the efficiency of skincare products is the more achievable benefit of at-home microcurrent devices," believes Dr Yoo. "The microcurrents can enhance the absorption of active ingredients in skincare products by improving circulation and promoting deeper penetration into the skin. This maximises the effectiveness of the products, leading to better hydration, nourishment, and overall skin health."

Reaping all the benefits of costly skincare products sounds ideal to us.

This isn't the only physical difference microcurrent devices can provide. "These devices can help tone and lift facial muscles, which may create a slimmer and more contoured appearance. However, the effects are usually temporary and less pronounced compared to professional treatments," says Dr Yoo.

However, caution is advised. "At-home microcurrent devices are generally safe, but improper use or overuse can potentially lead to skin irritation, muscle twitching, or minor electrical burns. It's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and consult with a dermatologist if you have any underlying skin conditions or concerns," Dr Yoo says.

My NuFACE results

Being the sceptic that I am, I didn't expect this to work and therefore didn't really document my start date (my bad, I'm sorry). If I had to place my bets, I'd say I've been using it for six weeks. On the left is my life BN (before NuFACE) and the right picture is me after using it continuously for roughly six weeks.

nuface review
Before vs. after using my NuFACE deviceHearst Owned

I was so impressed with how glowy my skin was after using my NuFACE that I didn't even think about the sculpting effects (I wasn't 100% sure those claims were legit) but I think my chin area in particular looks a bit slimmer. A huge win for NuFace.

The biggest positive from using the device for me is boosting the benefits of my skincare. Questionable toning effects aside, my skin has been considerably brighter and softer since using, while breakouts have been few and far between – these results I can confidently confirm.

It's safe to say, my NuFACE isn't going to be covered in dust anytime soon.

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