Make It Reign: How much do you make working for the royals?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work for Meghan Markle or Queen Elizabeth II?

On this week’s episode of our all-royals podcast, Make It Reign, we’re exploring the ins-and-outs of working for Britain’s most famous family.

<em>Image via Getty Images</em>
Image via Getty Images

While there are undoubtedly some perks to working alongside the Queen (corgis, diamonds, etc.,) the responsibility to be at the beck and call of the monarch would have to come with a hefty paycheque — or so one would think.

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With the royal family earning an estimated £82 million per year, how much are the royals willing to pay their gardener, horse trainer or private butler? We’ve done the research — and the numbers might surprise you.

We’re also profiling the woman working closest to the Duchess of Sussex: her private secretary Amy Pickerill.

Meghan Markle and her personal assistant and secretary, Amy Pickerill <em>(Image via Getty Images)</em>
Meghan Markle and her personal assistant and secretary, Amy Pickerill (Image via Getty Images)

In nearly any photo of Meghan Markle you’ve most likely missed the doting blonde assistant holding her purse in the background. At 32, Pickerill is the gatekeeper between Markle and the rest of the world — but is this high-profile job really worth taking?

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