Are you making scrambled eggs right? According to this chef, probably not

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Scrambled eggs are a breakfast staple — and an easy one at that. But according to Michelin Star Chef Daniel Patterson, you’ve probably been making them wrong all along.

The California native has claimed he mastered the art of the scrambled egg by ditching the frying pan and incorporating water.

In a video by Food52, Patterson prepares the scrambled eggs with the help of a whirlpool of water and a strainer.

The chef separates the yolk from the thin egg whites with a strainer and then beats the yolks with the remaining whites. Once this step is complete, he pours the egg mixture into the boiling water, similar to poached eggs.

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While the technique can seem like a lot of work for scrambled eggs, Patterson claims the dish gives “the quickest and fluffiest eggs ever.”

The video has received a lot of feedback across the internet, with many foodies chiming in on the unique way of preparing their favourite egg dish.

“Blech! All this effort and clean up for the world’s most flavourless eggs. What’s next, crack open egg into mouth, shake head vigorously, swallow?” wrote one viewer.

“I cook scrambled eggs over medium heat with a little milk and a pinch of corn starch. Let them cook without stirring for a minute, then lightly stir until they’re almost done… They come out fluffy and delicious every time,” added another.

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Despite the mixed reactions to Patterson’s poached concoction, other breakfast enthusiasts offered ways to make the entire dish edible, including the boiled water.

“If you make this dish with chicken broth, you can eat the whole dish,” commented one viewer.

“I recently had a dish called Egg Stew in a fusion Asian restaurant. It was basically scrambled eggs with scallions, floating atop a very tasty broth, baked in a ceramic ramekin. It was really delicious and this is the closest thing I’ve found,” added another.

Regardless of how you prefer your scrambled eggs, they are here to stay as a morning staple to help kickstart your day – or combat last night’s boozy decisions.

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