Man sparks debate after breaking up with girlfriend over her ‘influencer’ career: ‘Get a day job’

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A dad is sparking a major relationship debate after sharing the “stupid” family conflict that caused him to break up with his girlfriend.

The fight, which centered around the girlfriend’s attempts to make money as an Instagram influencer, was shared on Reddit’s AITA [Am I The A******] forum. In his post, the dad explained that his relationship issues began when his girlfriend became “jealous” of his teenage daughter.

According to the post, the man’s daughter, who is 17, is a relatively successful influencer, and currently makes decent money by modeling products on her Instagram page. The man’s girlfriend, meanwhile, also wanted to become an Instagram model but was apparently “not very successful.”

‘Using my daughter for Instagram likes’

The Redditor explained that his girlfriend, who was 25, was much younger than him — and seemed to be envious of his daughter, who is just eight years younger.

“There were times I felt like my girlfriend was using my daughter for Instagram likes and she seemed jealous of her,” the man wrote. “Besides that they got along alright.”

That largely amicable relationship changed one day though, when the man’s girlfriend asked him if he still planned to pay for his daughter’s tuition. According to the Redditor’s post, his daughter has now made enough through modeling to pay for her own tuition.

“Technically [my daugther] made enough to pay for college but I intend to pay for her education and she can use that money for her future,” the dad wrote. “This upset my girlfriend for some reason and she was whining about how no one paid for her school and she has so much debt and she needs her Instagram career to take off.”

‘Maybe you should get a day job’

That argument spiraled out of control, with the daughter and the girlfriend swapping some frustrated insults.

“My daughter said, ‘Maybe you should get a day job,’ which maybe was a little b****y but she’s not wrong,” the man wrote. “And my girlfriend said, ‘Maybe you should get some real parents.'”

The man said he “just saw red” after that, and immediately kicked out his girlfriend. They broke up shortly afterward.

A few months after the breakup, the situation got heated again. One day, the dad noticed his now-ex-girlfriend had posted a “Throwback Thursday” photo on Instagram, which showed an old image of her posing with his daughter. The Redditor was not happy.

“I commented that I would like all pictures of my underage daughter removed from her account and I included what she said. I guess she got some hate because she left me a voicemail crying,” the man wrote.

‘Who says something like that to a child?’

Commenters on Reddit seemed somewhat torn on the conflict, however many agreed that the man’s girlfriend was mainly in the wrong.

“Who says something like that to a child? And who acts like that because a father wants to pay for the education of his child? Teach that immature ‘influencer’ a lesson,” one commenter wrote.

Others placed some blame on the man himself, arguing that he had no business dating such a young and “immature” woman.

“Usually I don’t have an issue with age gaps, but in your case, your [girlfriend] is really close to your daughter’s age. To the point that they’re basically in the same age group, could actually be friends, and share the same hobby,” one user argued.

“Don’t date women closer to your daughter’s age range than yours,” another added.

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