Man discovers wife’s ex-boyfriend is sending her money: ‘Do a paternity test’

A man’s marriage is in crisis after he discovered that his wife’s ex-boyfriend has been secretly sending her money.

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Blindsided, the man took to Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” page, describing the situation before ultimately questioning whether the marriage was salvageable.

He started the post by explaining that he and his wife of three years, with whom he has a 4-year-old son, thought their iPad had been hacked due to a phishing scam.

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After his tech-savvy brother stopped by to clear the iPad of malware, the man went through all the financial apps to ensure there wasn’t any suspicious account activity.

While no money was missing from their bank accounts, the post’s author noticed a Western Union app on the iPad.

To investigate, the man clicked on the app and tried to enter both his and his wife’s email addresses. When the login immediately recognized his wife’s email, he became suspicious.

After a couple of tries, the man guessed his wife’s password and logged into the app. But little did he know that he was about to receive the shock of a lifetime.

“It showed that she was getting $2,000 at the beginning and middle of the month — all from the same sender,” the man relayed.

The author then saw on the app store that Cash App had been recently deleted.

“I re-downloaded it and logged in and saw very clearly that the person sending money to my wife was her ex-boyfriend, and she had sent back notes saying thank you and then his nickname,” he explained.

Bewildered as to why his wife was in contact with someone she had dated years ago, the man confronted her about it.

“She finally admitted that she had told him that the business I was starting was losing money and that I was only bringing home $45,000 a year,” the man revealed.

A disheartening theory

The author told his wife he’d find another job if she promised to stop accepting money from her ex. After more consideration, though, he soon constructed a disheartening theory.

“I am getting the most dread-filled thoughts about the possibility that my son is not mine. That could explain everything very easily,” the man disclosed before asking for advice on the next steps.

The resounding sentiment among Reddit users was that a paternity test was in order.

“My first thought was ‘secret child support’ after only reading the ‘4yo son married 3 years’ and the post title,” one Redditor wrote.

“Do a paternity test and an STI test. Don’t say anything to her until you get the results. Then decide where to go from there,” one Reddit user recommended.

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