Mariah Carey goes full 00s with this super glossy waterfall hair

mariah carey 00s straight hair
Mariah goes full 00s with straight waterfall hairAmy Sussman - Getty Images

In 2006 volume was a dirty word. When it came to hair, the sleeker the better. It was poker straight, lengthy extensions, and the flatter your head the better; curly and wavy girls are still recovering. But then, as with all hair cycles, the curls came back, the bouncy blowouts, the beachy waves, and the space between scalp and strand. But my goodness, a poker straight look takes us right back to the mid-00s, like this beauty from Mariah Carey.

Mariah was papped heading out for dinner and rather than her typical bouncy blowout or voluminous curl, the star turned back to one of her go-to Y2k looks. Say hello to the straightest, sleekest, waterfall hairstyle we've seen all week (yes, we are writing this on a Monday morning but it still counts.)

In her trademark honey and vanilla blonde hue, the star's multi-tonal tresses were parted smack bang centre and fell down to her ribs with no hair out of place.

There may have been no volume in her hair, but she sure as hell made up for it in her lashes, with a thick and fluffy set fanning out over a neutral eye look. Pairing it back, her blush, lips and nails were all pretty shades of peach and pink, letting the hair do the talking. Well, the hair and the diamonds; boy oh boy is she frosted.

And of course, that's a diamond butterfly pinkie ring (what an album). It's not a want it's a need.

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