Mariah Carey Works Out in Heels and a Sparkly Gold Gown, Because of Course She Does

 Mariah Carey.
Mariah Carey.

For Mariah Carey, upholding her reign as the undisputed Queen of Christmas doesn't come easy. It takes some serious work, and part of the regimen? Working out, but MC-style: in heels and a sparkly gown (because, obviously).

Yep, that's what the "All I Want For Christmas" singer casually wore to show off some leg presses in an Instagram video.

Carey showed that she's as funny as she is talented, as she took part in the "Of Course" video trend currently sweeping the internet. It involves an individual sharing stereotypes they supposedly adhere to.

For Carey, this involved parodying home habits that perfectly fit her diva persona.

The first showed her in a stunning gold dress and platform heels, sitting on a leg press machine to work out.

“I’m Mariah Carey," she told the camera. "Of course this is my workout ensemble."

The other videos show her having her glam squad work on her while she lies in bed, reading her own autobiography by the pool, and having a masseuse for each of her dogs.

We love to see stars joining in on trends and poking fun at their public persona!

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But at least one aspect might not be so far from the truth, as one of these stereotypes is actually very, very accurate for Carey.

Fans may remember that in the early 2000s, Carey appeared on an episode of MTV Cribs. In season four, episode one (to be exact), Carey gave viewers a tour of her New York City penthouse.

While she wouldn't show many off-limit rooms (one of which supposedly contained Marilyn Monroe's piano), she did show them her workout space. Carey also demonstrated that she uses her treadmill with heels on. That's definitely one way to practice seamlessly strutting in high heels!

Honestly, this might be how she gets such killer calves, so I might just have to give it a go myself.

Mariah Carey winter whites
Mariah Carey winter whites