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M&S selling white strawberries - and people have thoughts: 'Trypophobia nightmare'

M&S white strawberries
The M&S white strawberries are dubbed the White Pearl. (Marks & Spencer)

Marks & Spencer has always been one to introduce new and exciting products to us mere mortals. From gold-infused fizz, to a Marmite Brussels sprout, items are usually a seasonal twist on something we identify with, but this time M&S is showing off nature’s ability to turn an unmistakable fruit into something completely unrecognisable: white strawberries.

Posting to its social media accounts on Monday, the British brand has already caused quite a stir with its “White Pearl” strawberries, which are, you guessed it, white and not red.

“These are TRULY not just any strawberries…” read the post on the brand’s Instagram, referring to the classic M&S slogan, “these are NEW Collection White Pearl™ Strawberries, the first on the UK high street.”

“With an INCREDIBLE unique appearance – white on the outside, pure white flesh on the inside and covered in red seeds, it's a strawberry in reverse!”

With a white skin and flesh on the inside, these pale versions of the common red strawberry are covered in red seeds instead of the usual yellow,

Technically a 'pineberry', they are still sweet like normal strawberries, but have a slightly more fragrant aroma with hints of pineapple and notes of vanilla, according to M&S, and will be exclusively launching in the brand’s Foodhalls.

It didn’t take long for followers to take to the comments section to share their surprise that such a fruit exists, and fans didn’t hold back on their opinions, including some celebrities.

M&S white strawberries
The white strawberries will be available at M&S Foodhalls up and down the country. (Marks & Spencer)

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“Need to try these!” wrote celebrity Masterchef winner Riyadh Khalaf, while Kimberley Walsh commented with a love-heart eyes emoji.

“Adds to list of strange things M&S will take my money for,” wrote one user, while another added: “Absolutely delicious. Highly recommend if you’re a foodie!”

Close-up of three pineberries (white and pink strawberries) on green table
The white strawberries are also known as pineberries. (Getty Images)

And if you were surprised to see strawberries that aren’t red, and thinking that they must be some sort of sweet? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

“Not me thinking they were white chocolate,” wrote one user on Instagram. “I keep thinking they are covered in white chocolate!” another chimed in.

However, not everyone was onboard with the white strawberry’s slightly unusual look, with some calling them a “trypophobia nightmare” referring to the strong fear or disgust of closely packed holes.

“This picture makes my skin crawl! I hate trypophobia,” shared one user.

“I’d like to try them but they’re freaking me out a bit,” added one person, whilst another added: “I’m sure they’re delicious but I’m not sure I can get on with how they look.”

“So wrong on so many levels. I will never buy this,” wrote another.

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Some commenters even had to check the date to make sure it wasn’t April Fool’s Day when they saw the slightly “anaemic strawberries”. But we can confirm that these unusual white strawberries are in fact real, and coming to an M&S Foodhall near you.

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