Martha Stewart’s Go-To $10 Body Lotion Is the Secret to “Silky and Smooth” Skin, According to Her Facialist

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It's a "long-time favorite" in her routine.

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Editor's note: Since this was first published the Mario Badescu Super Rich Olive Body Lotion has sold out at Amazon and Nordstrom. It's still available at Walmart.

I have never really thought much about Martha Stewart’s age. She’s been a staple of pop culture my entire life, and for someone my age, there really hasn’t been a world without her. But I recently learned that she is 81 — which, of course, doesn’t have bearing on anything really, but it was surprising nonetheless. In my mind she is in her 50s and the selfies and pool photos on her Instagram seemed to confirm that. Her skin always looks tight, smooth, glowing, and healthy, which begs the question: What is her secret?

The secret is not really a secret at all; Martha Stewart frequently shares that she’s used the affordable skincare brand Mario Badescu for decades. I reached out to her facialist, Carmela Barabas (who previously tipped us all off to the $18 Super-Collagen Mask she uses), to see what other products make up Stewart’s routine. One of the first picks Barabas told me about was the Mario Badescu Super Rich Olive Body Lotion. The $10 lotion “is a long-time favorite of Martha Stewart” according to Barabas, who praises it for “imparting moisture and leaving the skin feeling silky and smooth.”



Shop now: $10;

A $10 body lotion is truly astounding and sounds almost too good to be true, but Mario Badescu is, after all, one of the most affordable skincare brands I can think of. The hero ingredient is of course the titular olive oil which has a plethora of benefits.

Most obviously since this is a hydrating body lotion, olive oil is moisturizing thanks to squalene and vitamin E. They’re a tag team that boosts skin’s ability to retain moisture and water. The ingredient is also rich in antioxidants so it can help boost the production of collagen in addition to helping with signs of aging. Lastly, it’s antimicrobial (germ-killing) and has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Head to Walmart to shop the very modestly priced $10 Mario Badescu Super Rich Olive Body Lotion. 

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