Martha Stewart’s Dinner Has Officially Terrified the Internet

"Martha! No!"

<p>Getty Images/Allrecipes</p>

Getty Images/Allrecipes

Most of the time, Martha Stewart’s recipes have of dreaming of dinner. From her famous fluffy baked potatoes to her 4-ingredient “lazy girl” pasta, she usually seems to know exactly what we're hungry for, before we’re even hungry.

But, one rare case made its way onto our Instagram feeds in which we didn’t want to have what Martha Stewart was having. It was a meal that stopped many of us mid-scroll, not out of hunger, but out of sheer terror.

Martha Stewart’s Viral Lobster Dinner

Last week, Stewart shared a luxurious meal she had enjoyed at Maison Barnes, a French fine dining restaurant on Park Avenue in New York City. Oh la la, swanky. According to Stewart, the entire dining experience was impeccable, complete with “amazing pâté,” “spectacular vegetables,” and “delicious desserts.”

But, frankly, we couldn’t focus on any of that, because we couldn’t get over what the heck appeared on her main plate.

There, in the first image of the carousel, is the most cursed image of a “roast chicken and lobster” entrée. It takes surf and turf to places it has never been before and certainly should never return to.

Stewart’s Instagram, which she famously runs herself, is usually a happy place to scroll through home-baked treats and elegant meals out. But, this post should’ve come with a warning label. One look, and you’ll think, "What in the turkducken is this?"

No, it’s not April 1, and no, you’re not in a scene of "Poor Things". You’re just witnessing one of the strangest “fine foods” to ever be served on a silver platter.

After several minutes of processing, we did what we always do when we find an absurd food post on the internet—we high-tailed it to the comments. And, spoiler alert: they did not disappoint.

“What in the AI fever dream is happening here,” questioned one fan. “Momma I’m scared,” wrote another.

The comment section was riddled with dad jokes as well, with users referring to the dish as a “chobster,” the true “chicken of the sea,” and, finally, a “lobstrosity.” “If Sid from "Toy Story" became a chef,” joked one user.

While some expressed utter disgust and requested that Martha make amends for the horrific post, others took delight in the obscure offering. “I love the outfit the lobster is wearing,” said one commenter. “This is a biblically accurate angel,” joked another.

So, whether this truly was a “traffic jam in the kitchen” or something stolen from the Addams Family's Thanksgiving table, our final thoughts are pretty much summed up in this comment: “If this is fine dining, I’m fine not dining.”

Sorry, Martha, but next time, we’ll take your roast chicken and lobster recipes separately, please.

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