Martha Stewart’s Go-To Skin-Plumping Face Mist From a French Brand Is 20% Off

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Shoppers say it "transformed" their dry skin.

<p>Getty Images/ Dermstore</p>

Getty Images/ Dermstore

Even in an age when pop-culture news stales as quickly as it ignites, Martha Stewart’s Sports Illustrated cover, published over a week ago, remains a buzzy conversation topic. ICYMI: The media mogul looked luminous — which, in combination with the $12 luminizer her makeup artist applied prior to the shoot, is, of course, attributable to Stewart’s off-duty skincare choices.

In the past, the 81-year-old praised Yon-Ka Paris’s Dry Skin Toner — a mistable, hydrating face product she dubbed “so refreshing,” evidenced by a clip the brand posted to Instagram earlier this year. Moreover, the brand noted in a separate post, Stewart is “a huge fan” of numerous Yon-Ka products, including the Gommage exfoliant. Per Stewart’s eponymous editorial site, the media mogul “can’t live without” either of the two products.

For a limited time, you can snag the toner — plus other Yon-Ka favorites, including the gommage exfoliant — for 20 percent off during Dermstore’s Memorial Day sale when you use the code SUN at checkout.



Shop now: $40 with code SUN (Originally $50);

The Yon-Ka Paris Skincare Lotion Dry Skin Toner is an “invigorating, hydrating mist,” per the brand. Though “lotion” often conjures notions of cream-based formulas, Yon-Ka’s is a lightweight spray that dispenses as an ultra-fine mist. Alcohol-free and decidedly non-drying, the toner is heavily hydrating — a departure from what many people associate with traditional toners. It’s ideal as a skin prep step, prior to applying moisturizer; alternatively, it’s an excellent setting spray, thanks to the ultra-fine mist — and, of course, a refreshing pick-me-up whenever you please, as Stewart noted. Versatile, the skin mist transforms dryness into dewiness in moments. “I carry the little travel size [of the toner] in my bag and I spritz my face during airplane flights and long car rides,” Stewart previously shared.

Glycerin — a humectant — attracts moisture from the surrounding air, and holds hydration in the skin."Glycerin is one of a precious few moisturizing ingredients that has a lasting effect, well beyond its time of application and absorption," dermatologist Dr. Melanie Palm previously told InStyle. In addition to glycerin, the formula contains five essential oils: lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, and thyme. Of course, this quintuplet lends itself to a spa-like scent experience every time you spritz. It also imparts skincare benefits, including anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, to name a few.

Shoppers share Stewart’s sentiments regarding Yon-Ka’s Lotion Dry Skin Toner. One shopper, whose skin is “very dry” due to tretinoin (prescription retinol) says it’s “hydrating, refreshing, and smells divine.” Moreover, the shopper notes, the mist “dries nicely and leaves the skin feeling supple and soft without any sticky [sic] or oiliness.” According to another reviewer, who dubs the mist their “holy grail” for hydration, the toner “completely transformed” their dry skin. “This toner makes your skin look like glass all day,” they note, “and truly helps plump the skin.”

Shop the refreshing, skin-plumping mist at Dermstore’s Memorial Day sale. Hurry — Yon-Ka’s Lotion Dry Skin Toner, along with the brand’s additional offerings, return to full price May 31.

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