Martha Stewart's Favorite Pot For Cooking Risotto In Less Time

Martha Stewart, a pressure cooker, and risotto
Martha Stewart, a pressure cooker, and risotto - Static Media / Shutterstock / Getty

Parmesan risotto may only take 20 minutes to make, but it is a time-consuming dish when you consider the majority of that time is spent stirring all of that stock. Well, luckily, Martha Stewart has a favorite pot that makes it easier than ever to make this rice-based dish. If you have a pressure cooker, Stewart says you should break it out for this Italian dish.

The lifestyle guru explains that using this small appliance allows a little hands-off time without sacrificing the al dente texture you know and love. To use your pressure cooker, Stewart explains you are going to start by melting the butter to toast your rice and sauté your onions just as you would if you were making your risotto on the stovetop. Pour in all of your stock and tighten the lid so that it can do its magic. Once your rice has cooked, it's time to add the parmesan, a little more butter, and any additional herbs and seasoning you want to throw in. 

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Cooking Times Vary

Bowl of risotto
Bowl of risotto - LauriPatterson/Getty Images

Martha Stewart sets her pressure cooker timer for nine minutes, but depending on the size of your Instant pot and how much risotto you are making, you may have to experiment to find the right cook time. One of the drawbacks of using a pressure cooker is you cannot open it while your rice is cooking to monitor it — but you do not want your rice overcooked because then it turns into a mushy mess, and you don't want it undercooked because then it is too crunchy.

Some recipes call for a shorter cook time than Martha's. You may want to split the difference and use a shorter cook time. You can always cook the rice for a minute or two more if needed. It is also important to note that if you are using a traditional stovetop pressure cooker, you will need to cook a little longer than if you are using an electric.

If you plan to add in shrimp or any vegetables like Martha does, it is best to do so after the rice has cooked. Some veggies are comprised of large amounts of water and anything that contains moisture is going to mess with the stock to rice ratio; meaning, you could end up with soupy rice rather than beautiful, creamy risotto.

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