How To Mask The Taste Of Prune Juice

Prune juice in glass
Prune juice in glass - Veronika Idiyat/Shutterstock

Prunes are known for their health benefits, particularly when it comes to aiding digestion, thanks to their high fiber and sorbitol contents. This would be all well and good if they didn't taste absolutely awful to some people, particularly in juice form. Their immediate, overpowering sweetness combined with a tart aftertaste can simply be too much, leading to folks either trying to mask their taste or forsaking them altogether in favor of fruits with less pungent flavors.

Because of the nutritional advantages of prunes, masking the taste is arguably the better option (depending on just how horrid prunes are to you). Along with their digestive benefits, they're also packed with antioxidants, calcium, potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin C.. If you want to take advantage of prunes' nutritional goodness in a way that doesn't make you gag, it's pretty easy to overwhelm their flavor with other tasty fruit juices.  Fortunately, those juices lend well to many recipes that most commonly incorporate prune juice.

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What Can You Mask Prune Juice With?

Prune juice in glass bottles
Prune juice in glass bottles - Veronika Idiyat/Shutterstock

As may be expected, the best way to mask a strong taste is with a stronger one. That's why fruit juices with sour flavors such as cranberry, lemon, and lime juice are great for masking that pruny tang with their immediate kick. Distracting yourself with generally delicious flavors works as well, so load your juice maker with a generous amount of apple or orange juice and you're golden. Alternatively, if you have the option of adding dairy to your drink as many of the best smoothie recipes call for, adding milk or even yoghurt can help neutralize and even out that taste.

Experimenting with flavors goes beyond your healthy breakfast juice or smoothie, however. If you want to add a shot of something healthy to your cocktail in the hopes of avoiding feeling particularly rubbish in the morning, mixing a bit of prune juice into citrusy or tropical cocktails can help accomplish that. For example, if you're following a jungle juice recipe, adding a bit of prune juice may provide that benefit without messing with the cocktail's taste.

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