Matt Damon Reveals He Voted for ‘The Matrix’ for Best Picture at the 2000 Oscars | Video

24 years later, it turns out Matt Damon was rooting for “The Matrix” at the 72nd Academy Awards in 2000 — the same year as his Oscar-nominated film, “The Talented Mr. Ripley.”

The actor revealed this bit of information during Monday’s “Colbert Questionnaire,” a “Late Show” segment where Stephen Colbert asks 15 rapid-fire questions to “penetrate straight to the soul of a person and open them up for the world so they are fully known.”

When Damon was asked to choose his favorite action movie, he replied, “It is a tough one because there are some great ones, but I think a movie that had recently made it into the academy, and I voted for it for Best Picture, was ‘The Matrix.”

Just prior, Damon was forced to answer the existential question: “What do you think happens when we die?”

“I think we go home,” he said. Colbert let that answer sit in silence for a moment before the audience began to applaud.

Elsewhere in the questionnaire, Damon handpicked his favorite sandwich and revealed that his first concert was Holly Near with his mom and brother — “real hippie stuff” — at just 7 years old. He even broke into song to mimic the music calling for peace and anti-nuclear warfare.

Additionally for Damon, the scariest animal is a great white shark, which he’s feared for 15 years since going diving in South Africa. He said he is both “completely in awe of how beautiful they are” but also “completely aware of how ridiculously lethal they are.”

“They’re perfectly camouflaged in that water,” the actor noted. “Like a 5-meter shark will just be next to you before you even see it. It does help you realize you don’t have a chance, and if you see them breach, the power with which they — they are death machines.”

Colbert also made sure to ask Damon if he prefers apples or oranges, alluding to his iconic “Good Will Hunting” line … “How do you like them apples?”

Watch the full clip, below:

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