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Is one of CBS’ FBI agents heading for a wedding? How will The Rookie‘s finale leave things with #Chenford? What naughty new term is Ghosts about to scare up? Read on for answers to those questions and many more! (You can and should email brand-new Qs to

FBI left OA and Gemma’s relationship in flux the last time we saw them. Will we be seeing her as a character again? Or are viewers supposed to see that as a breakup? –Leah
I got your Q in front of EP Rick Eid, who wrote back: “Later in the season, we’ll see OA continue to navigate his romantic relationship with Gemma. He will be involved in a case that forces him to confront his past… and his future with Gemma.”

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Any early buzz on the FBI: Most Wanted finale (airing May 21)? –Greg
When I asked Shantel VanSanten to tease the season-ending plan, she got a big smile and answered, “Let’s just say it’s going to be a big day…. What else can I hint? We’ll be lucky if it rains, because I hear it’s good luck if it rains on certain big days.” Ready, set, speculate!

The Way Home‘s Sam seemed to have quite a reaction in the finale when Del said the coins were from the 1800s. Was that hinting at something? –Vera
“No, I don’t think so,” says co-showrunner Alexandra Clarke. “Sam has his own secrets for sure, and that’s something we’re exploring as we move forward. But no, the coin thing I think was just [him expressing] awe.”

During the NCIS franchise’s 1,000th episode, will we get to hear of how the NCIS: LA team has been doing? –Maria
Kensi (guest star Daniela Ruah) does reference at least one other member of the L.A. office. Bones-us scoop: T.J. Thyne pops up in the milestone hour as a Jeff Bezosian tech tycoon.

With a new season of Chicago Fire confirmed, will we finally get to see Stellaride move to the next step in their relationship? –Maika
I brought your Q to EP Andrea Newman, who teased back, “If Severide can overcome a terrifying crime in [Episode] 1211 and make it to the finale, there could be a major revelation for Kelly and Stella then. And that is all I’ll say on that!”

Any word on if Accused will be returning at any time to Fox? –Klkteacherboy
Production on Season 2 of the anthology series is set to begin this summer!

I would like to know when Candace Cameron Bure’s new Great American Family mystery series will be aired. Any date set yet? —Misty
I am hearing that the first installment, The Ainsley McGregor Mysteries: A Case for the Winemaker, is on track to premiere in September.

Will we see the wedding of Ghosts‘ Isaac and Nigel this season or next? — Karen
Well, first their engagement needs to survive a pair of stag dos (bachelor parties) in this Thursday’s episode, including but not limited to the temptation offered by Deniz Akdeniz’s dinosaur-loving stripper. Bonus scoop: This week’s episode also — somehow! — manages to one-up “sucked off” with a brand-new piece of terminology.

Will we see Fire Country‘s Freddy again? –Kyle
I delivered your Q to showrunner Tia Napolitano, who briefly hedged and then said, “I can’t answer that right now.”

Will we get more background on Tye White’s Fire Country character or meet people in Cole’s orbit? –Margaret
Sounds like it, seeing as showrunner Tia Napolitano is herself a super-fan. “I loved Tye in [last week’s] episode,” she shared with me. “That Cole/Eve/Manny story just broke my heart, and some of my favorite parts of that episode were getting to know him.” In his first storyline set apart from Bode, “Cole really got a chance to stand on his own and occupy some story space,” the EP noted, “so we’ll continue to invest him, and he’ll continue to be someone we get to know better.”

Are Lucy and Tim getting back together on The Rookie? –Dana
Let’s just say y’all really better be rooting for a Season 7 renewal! Invited to tease the Season 6 finale, Eric Winter told me, “It’s big. There are a lot of reveals, and as far as Tim and Lucy, they have some fun stuff together — including another great action sequence that they get involved in. For Tim and Lucy, it leaves you with a nice sort of, I wouldn’t say closure or a guarantee of anything, but it leaves it in a place where there’s stuff to talk about.”

Do you have any scoop on the Starz premiere date of The Couple Next Door? –Brenda
I asked around about the Stateside debut of the British psychological thriller starring Outlander‘s Sam Heughan, Arrow‘s Jessica De Gouw, Poldark‘s Eleanor Tomlinson and HTGAWM‘s Alfred Enoch, but there is nothing to report at this time.

Has the been any word on SEAL Team? There hasn’t been any updates since finding out Season 7 will be the final season. –Richard
Rest assured, filming on Bravo’s farewell mission has been underway for a couple of months now.

Any scoops on the final season of Star Trek: Discovery? –Zach
As seen in the video above (at the 1:10 mark), David Ajala told us that the additional scenes greenlit to wrap up the series wound up salvaging a shelved Book storyline. “[Executive producer] Alex Kurtzman told me about an idea he had when we finished shooting Season 3,” Ajala shares, “and this same idea came to fruition when we went back to Toronto to film these additional scenes.”

On Blue Bloods, when will we see Erin’s ex-husband Jack again? –Jonna
As of press time, no upcoming appearances by Peter Hermann were in the books.

With Station 19 ending, what will become of Ben and Carina? Will they go back to work at the hospital? –Aurelie
“It’s not ultimately our decision,” says Station 19‘s Peter Paige of himself and fellow showrunner Zoanne Clack, “but it’s a conversation perhaps that we’ve perhaps been a part of.”

Cordell and Geri got together at the end of Walker Season 3. Will they be more a stable team in Season 4 or will their relationship still be on a roller coaster? –Cat
Not only are the pair very much together, but the topic of living together will come up for them. “That’s one of the questions: Are you ready for that? And do you want to rush into those things?’ showrunner Anna Fricke previews. “A lot of what Walker is going through this season is Stella’s already at college, August is about to leave, and so, he is sort of getting anxious, even if he can’t quite identify it, of, like, what the empty nest is going to be. And so, he might try to fill some holes too quickly. He’s not really thinking things through.”

Will we get any more Emily scenes on Walker? I love Emily a lot. –Jo
“Always. Can’t have a season without some Emily scenes,” says showrunner Anna Fricke.

Is there any word of a new season of Nat Geo’s Secrets of the Zoo? –Andres
There are no new episodes planned at this time, but viewers can stream past seasons on Disney+.

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