You may have missed Queen Elizabeth's subtle dig at Donald Trump

Nobody expected Donald Trump to know how to behave during his meeting with Queen Elizabeth.

While the royals and most head’s of state follow air-tight schedules, Trump rudely left the British monarch waiting on live television for 10 minutes, before making an even bigger faux-pas later that day.

The Queen and President Donald Trump. Image via Getty Images.

During their walk while inspecting the Guard of Honour at Windsor Castle. President Trump awkwardly broke protocol by walking in front of and blocking the Queen, prompting the 92-year-old monarch to walk around him.

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While Trump’s foible immediately made international headlines, the focus has turned to Her Majesty, who supposedly threw some serious shade at the U.S. President.

The Queen and President Trump. Her Majesty is pictured wearing a brooch inherited from her mother. Image via Getty Images.

Although the Queen is known for being politically neutral, she reportedly uses her dress and jewelry to subtly make her feelings known.

According to the blog, Her Majesty’s Jewel Vault, Queen Elizabeth purposely coordinates her brooches to match the nature of her engagements.

Queen Elizabeth with former U.S President Barack Obama and Mrs. Michelle Obama in 2011. The Queen is wearing a brooch personally gifted by the Obamas. Her Majesty re-wore the brooch earlier this month while President Donald Trump was in London. Image via Getty Images.

One royal-watcher, @SamuraiKnitter took to Twitter with an interesting (and believable) theory of the meaning behind the Queen’s three brooches worn while Trump and wife Melania were in London.

On the day of Trump’s arrival, Her Majesty sported a brooch gifted to the Queen as a personal gift from former U.S President Barack and Michelle Obama. While the Queen could have worn any brooch from any American leader, some speculate that this was a sign of sentimentality by the monarch as the brooch was purchased out-of-pocket by the Obama’s during their last official meeting with the royal.

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For her meeting with Trump, the Queen wore a brooch inherited from her mother. The pin was worn by the Queen Mother at the funeral for King George VI, Queen Elizabeth’s father, a total #mood moment by the sassy royal.

Queen Elizabeth with King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium. The Queen is wearing a brooch gifted by Canada in honour of her 65th anniversary as reigning monarch of Britain.

On the third day, the Queen sported the over-the-top Sapphire Jubilee brooch that was a gift from Canada to celebrate her 65 years as the longest-ruling monarch in British History.

The Queen and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Image via Getty Images.

Given the current “It’s Complicated” relationship status between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the 45th President, Queen Elizabeth’s choice is a not-so-subtle tribute to one of Britain’s greatest allies, and let’s face it — one of Queen Elizabeth’s favourite foreign leaders, JT.

While this is all purely speculation, it’s entirely within the realm of possibility that the Queen can dole out this expert level of shade – and we’re taking notes.

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