McDonald’s Announces the Arrival of 2 New McCrispy Sandwiches and a Fan-Favorite Drink

They'll be available at select locations nationwide beginning April 22.



McDonald’s is McDoubling down on its McCrispy offerings — much to the delight of spice-loving diners.

Starting April 22, fans of America’s most popular fast food joint will have two more chicken sandwich deliciousness to choose from: the Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy and its more souped-up cousin, the Bacon Cajun Ranch Deluxe McCrispy.

Taking inspiration from the “soul food flavors of the South,” both iterations take the OG McCrispy — a Southern-style fried chicken sandwich topped with crinkle-cut pickles, and served on a buttered, pillowy potato roll — and turbocharge it with a generous helping of applewood smoked bacon and a “creamy Cajun ranch sauce” slathered on both the top and bottom sides of the sandwich. The only real difference between the two is that the deluxe version swaps out the pickles and replaces them with shredded lettuce and sliced Roma tomatoes — a huge win for those who aren’t exactly into pickles.

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McDonald’s first introduced the McCrispy in 2021, then branded the “Crispy Chicken Sandwich,” some two years after Popeyes debuted the viral chicken sandwich that launched an all-out feud among fast food chains. It has since been a bestselling menu standout and favorite among the chain’s devotees.

But the brand-new, limited-release McCrispies are not the only exciting new menu items on offer. 

McDonald’s is also bringing back one of its all-time fan-favorite beverages starting this spring. The Oreo Frappé, which debuted to much fanfare in 2015, is finally back for the second consecutive year. The drink, already available on the McCafé menu at select locations nationwide, starts out with a Mocha Frappé base that is then blended with two seriously sweet treats: chunks of Oreo cookie pieces and a cookies 'n’ cream-flavored syrup. It also gets hand-topped with a hefty serving of “whipped light cream” and even more Oreo pieces — because who doesn’t want more of that?

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The drink is so popular that when content creator, @snackolator, who has more than 230,000 followers on Instagram, announced the comeback, followers took to the comments section to voice either their excitement — or consternation about not being able to find the drink-cum-dessert at their local McDonald’s: “I legit couldn't find this at any locations last year. I hope more places actually sell it,” wrote one Frappé enthusiast.  

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